Super Cyber Guest Star Contest

Meet CyberSpacers' Achiever:

From: Washington State
Country: United States of America
Grade: 6th , Age: 11

Aaron B entered the Super Cyber Guest Star Contest which included artwork featuring himself and the Defenders Online Team as well as a written request to be a guest of the team in an upcoming episode.

You could be the next featured contestant by sending your entry to CyberSpacers. Make sure you include your photo, your name, age, school, grade, and a note telling us why you would like to become a guest star in an upcoming episode of CyberSpacers.

Send your entry to:

CyberSpacers Guest Star Entry
3172 North Rainbow #100, Las Vegas, NV 89108 USA

Dear SuperC,

    I would really like to become a member of the Super Cyber Team. I would like to meet you and Digital Dave, Tech-wiz Tina and Dot Org. I've always been a fan of superheroes and would love to become a team member even if only for one week or one episode.

    I have a computer at home and at school and I talk to my friends about being a responsible Internet surfer. We have a lot of fun on the Internet and I love

    I hope you pick me to be a guest super hero because I don't like cyber crime or hackers. My sister Sascha's computer got hacked into and caught a virus from someone who got into it using ICQ.

    I would like to help you and the rest of the team keep this from happening to other kids and people.

    Here's a picture of me with you and the rest of the team on top of the world fighting cyber crime. It would be cool if you would make this part of a real episode.

    Hackers and cyber crimes are not nice but CyberSpacers rocks!

    In case you forgot, my name is Aaron and I would really like it if you could pick me and I promise to help fight cybercrime even if you don't pick me but please do.

Aaron B

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United States of America


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