Super Cyber Guest Star Contest

Meet CyberSpacers' Achiever:

From: Wellington
Country: New Zealand
Grade: 7th , Age: 11

Aimee R entered the Super Cyber Guest Star Contest which included a letter and a written request to be a guest of the team in an upcoming episode.

You could be the next featured contestant by sending your entry to CyberSpacers. Make sure you include your photo, your name, age, school, grade, and a note telling us why you would like to become a guest star in an upcoming episode of CyberSpacers.

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CyberSpacers Guest Star Entry
3172 North Rainbow #100, Las Vegas, NV 89108 USA

    Dear Magic Computer,
    My name is Aimee Roosevelt, and I was born in Auckland, in New Zealand. But I grew up in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. I am 11 years old. I am in the 7th grade. My favorite subjects are world history and social studies. My goal is to be an archeologist.

    I have been using computers for 3 years. I love exploring cyberspace for information. I love my computer so much, I even make CD-rom patches to put on my pants and shirts. I guess that makes me a computer geek. But I also make the patches for other kids who also want to wear them.

    My dad is an architect, he designs buildings. He uses computers to do drawings. When I was eight, my dad showed me art programs. It was not easy. But with practice I learned how to do things. My dad even let me color some of the buildings he was working on. After that I learned how to go online and explore cyberspace. My family moved to Holland last year. I miss my friends in New Zealand. But we use email all the time to chat a lot.

    Here in Holland, I have made many new friends. We have a computer club at our school. We exchange letters with other kids from all over the world, including America. Someday we hope to meet some of the kids from other countries. That will be fun, and our parents can meet their parents and they can be friends too. In school, Dutch kids are taught to look for the good in cyberspace. Just like Cyberspacers!

    Because there is good and bad on the Internet, kids must learn how to protect themselves. I found in the Euro Seek search engine. When I showed it to my friends, they all thought it was real cool. The comics are great because they are very exciting.

    It is important for kids to know that the Internet belongs to all of us. And it is up to all of us kids to do our best, and keep away from the bad stuff.

    I want to be in D.O.T.Comics with the Super Cyber Heroes. I know I can help because I'm a lot like tech-whiz Tina in real life, thanks to my dad. That's why I took the oath and joined the team. I tell all my friends to take the oath because it is important to do the right thing on the Web. Just like in the regular world it is important to know right from wrong.

    I wear my Cyberspacers cap at school. But my T-shirt is too big for me, so I gave it to my big brother. I am proud to be a member of the D.O.T. = Defenders Online Team.

    I treat my computer like a good friend. I even call it MC because it can do magic stuff. I respect cyberspace and I respect myself. I think that's how all kids should behave.
Aimee R

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