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From: Florida
Country: United States of America
Grade: 10th , Age: 16

Brad M entered the Super Cyber Guest Star Contest which included a letter and a written request to be a guest of the team in an upcoming episode.

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CyberSpacers Guest Star Entry
3172 North Rainbow #100, Las Vegas, NV 89108 USA

    Dear Cyberspacers,
    My name is Brad and I am 16 years old. I want to share something scary that really happened that could have been a lot worse because of a chat room "friend."

    Our family has one computer and we all use it. My sister and I use it for homework and both of our grades have improved. I also like to play games on it. ExciteBike is my favorite.

    My sister is 14. She is mostly smart but she did not use good sense when she met someone named "KimB" in a chat room. For about month she kept talking about her new "best friend" who said she and my sister had a bunch of stuff in common. Like the exact same birthday, and both of them being interested in the same school stuff. And then they both also had boy friends they liked named Craig.

    "KimB" wanted to meet my sister in person and my sister thought it would be cool because "KimB" said she lived only about 40 miles away and her "brother" could drive her in his van. "KimB" wanted them to meet in a park. I was more scared than my sister who trusts people too much and I am lot more suspicious than her. I told her to get "KimB"s phone number and let our parents talk first, but my sister was stubborn and in my opinion pretty dumb. She said "KimB" told her that her parents were going through a divorce and her "mother" would be mad if she gave out their home number.

    So my sister arranged to meet her "friend" at a sandwich place near a mall. She already told her what she looked like and now she told her what she would be wearing. In the meantime I told our parents was what happening. At first they said my sister could not go, but then they said OK under one condition. What my sister didn't tell her new "best friend" was that she would be with me and our Dad.

    We got there early and sat outside the sandwich shop and ate lunch. Sure enough, right on time a blue Chevy van with dark tinted windows pulled in and cruised around. There was only one person in it and it was a guy around 35 or 40 years old. The van cruised by us and slowed down and then sort of stopped for a minute and then just drove away. It was really creepy. My Dad got the license plate.

    "KimB." never showed up and never was in that chat room again. At least not with that name. My Dad called the police and they are investigating. I hope this true experience is a good warning for any other kids who meet "friends" in chat.

    Yours truly,
Brad M

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