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From: California
Country: United States of America
Grade: 9th , Age: 14

Brittany H entered the Super Cyber Guest Star Contest which included a letter and a written request to be a guest of the team in an upcoming episode.

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CyberSpacers Guest Star Entry
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    Dear MC,
    CyberSpacers got me thinking about super heroes, and if they are made or born. The answer is obvious to me, and I hope other kids see it the same way.

    I took computer science classes in elementary school and I've been online since I was 10 years old. My mom is an expert with small animals and birds. She showed me how to use the Internet for research. It took practice but pretty soon my grades got better. Now I enjoy doing homework way more than if I didn't have the Web to explore.

    I love working with animals and I want to be a veterinarian. I like to search for info especially about rare and exotic birds. We have 11 birds here at home, not counting eggs. Plus we have two cats and a hamster. That big umbrella cockatoo in the picture is named 'Chicken' and he's very smart. I'm already teaching him tricks and how to talk.

    I also enjoy studying English. NASA's Web site is one of my favorite places because of the pictures of planets, moons and other things in space. I sometimes wonder about aliens and the possibility of ET intelligent life. Because space is so vast and there's so much we don't know - it gives me faith and makes me trust even more in God.

    When it comes to the Web, I think we can each be heroes in our own lives. I know it sometimes takes will power to stay on track. But if we search for stuff to learn and do things that improves us then I think that's being a hero to your self.

    Unfortunately, not everybody uses computers that way or for good reasons. And when you don't use it right it can get you in trouble. I know because I've seen what happens to people who use the Web to commit crimes, or think it is nothing but a sex toy.

    This guy I knew in school was getting fairly good grades and was really nice. He seemed like other normal teenage boys. Then he started skipping classes. After a while I noticed that his language and behavior got worse, but I didn't know why. And one day he started telling me really filthy things about sex so after that I just kept away from him.

    Even in class he and his buds talked about giving spankings to nude girls and chaining them up and gross things like that. They thought it was very funny but it was really sick. I knew they were telling each other about Web sites where they could see all sorts of trash.

    Anyway, this boy kept cutting school more and more and finally got caught and got detention. Then he hacked into the school computer and removed most of his detention and bragged about the hacking which I thought was really dumb.

    His grades were slipping but I don't think anyone suspected how far he was falling in his personal life. What happened next shocked everyone in our community. He actually tried to sexually assault or rape this girl at school. I don't have all the details but I know he did something very horrible to her. He's now in juvenile hall as a sex offender.

    The other boys who knew him are acting like they were never friends with him. They say he got obsessed and that sex to him was what drugs are to a drug addict. He even got caught stealing passwords and credit card numbers so he could get into adult porn sites. His ex-friends say he became a total sex crazed pervert because of the Internet.

    I don't think you can blame the Internet when you use bad judgment like this guy did. I feel sorry for him that he got sucked down and trapped in the worst places on the Web. But he has to accept the major part of the blame. There will always be good and evil stuff on the Internet just like there is in every day life. You have to make the right choices and maybe even use will power.

    Like it says in the CyberSpacers' Oath it is up to each of us to spend our time wisely whether online or not. That's why I think without a doubt that super heroes are made not born.

How important is it to Respect & Protect YOUR Internet?
As important as is it to Respect & Protect YOUR Life!

    Yours truly,
Brittany H

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