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From: California
Country: United States of America
Grade: 5th , Age: 11

Alexander G entered the Super Cyber Guest Star Contest which included artwork featuring himself with SuperC and Darth Vader, as well as a written request to be a guest of the team in an upcoming episode.

You could be the next featured contestant by sending your entry to CyberSpacers. Make sure you include your photo, your name, age, school, grade, and a note telling us why you would like to become a guest star in an upcoming episode of CyberSpacers.

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CyberSpacers Guest Star Entry
3172 North Rainbow #100, Las Vegas, NV 89108 USA

Hi, fellow CyberSpacers!

    I love using my computer. Actually, it's our family computer. I know more about using it than either my mom or dad. In fact, I've taught them both more than a few things about how to use it.

    When I first started, I didn't know how to type, but I wanted to learn. So I practiced a lot on the keyboard. It wasn't easy. I kept working at it, and I got better and better with it. Now that I can type, I count on my computer to help me get good grades. I've learned how to use Microsoft Word. In fact, without it I know my grades wouldn't be as good. Bill Gates, if you're reading this - THANKS for Microsoft Word - it's a big help for school work and creative projects.

    I like to surf the Web and I use the Internet for research and for fun. However my favorite school subject is math even though I haven't looked up anything about it on the Internet. Language Arts is my least favorite.

    A lot of people have told me that I look like Harry Potter. I don't mind, but personally, I think he looks like me. Anyway, when it comes to computer magic, you can do wonders with it, I know I have -- but it takes work and dedication. You can't accomplish anything worthwhile unless you try your best.

    Working with my computer is a big part of my life, but I'm not a geek. I do lots of other stuff, including sports, I especially LOVE baseball. My life's goal is in music, I want to form a rock band, and right now my best friend and I are practicing and taking it very seriously.

    I'm also into collecting comics, doing Play Station, and online computer games. I enjoy exploring comic and video game Web sites. Even though I've achieved much using the computer for school work, the one thing I'm most proud of that I've accomplished online is my file at the games site, I've worked a long time on it. I'm not bragging when I say my file there is really a work of art. I'm proud of it and I highly recommend

    I think that most kids in my generation, the ones who grew up with computers and access to the Worldwide Web are lucky. We have a whole universe of information at our fingertips. But it's up to each of us to check out that info and then put it to the best possible use. As for me, computers are great because of the awesome games that are available. The best games are not only fun, they are challenging, making me think and use my skills.

    However, there's also the down side of the Internet. The evil sites. And the porn, especially the pop-up-porn in your face when you don't want to see that garbage. The wisest thing you can do is start off right by going to kid-friendly sites. That's why I like It's a cool idea, with cool characters, comics, action and good advise to take responsibility for your own behavior.

    I think CyberSpacers is a great idea for the Web, TV, games and movies. I'm not an actor, but if you need a Harry Potter type - I'm available.

    Yours truly,
Alexander G.

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