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From: California
Country: United States of America
Grade: 7, Age: 12

Laura B entered the Super Cyber Guest Star Contest which included some info about herself and comments on, as well as a written request to star in a future episode of D.O.T. Comics and the CyberSpacers’ TV show.

You can become the next contestant to be featured on this page by sending your entry to: Make sure you include your name, age, school, grade, and a note telling us how you use your computer for homework, communication and fun.

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CyberSpacers Guest Star Entry
3172 North Rainbow #100, Las Vegas, NV 89108 USA

Hi, CyberSpacers!  

Here’s some info about me:

My name is Laura and I’m a huge fan of Hilary Duff. My favorite Hilary movie is “A Cinderella Story” but everything she does is great. She was great in “Agent Cody Banks” and she should have been in Agent Cody Banks 2” which wasn’t as good without her. My friends and I saw her fabulous new film “Raise Your Voice”.

My room is decorated with all sorts of Hilary Duff stuff. My collection is growing. I have both her albums because I love the way she sings. And I have every Hil poster. Plus I’ve got lots of Hil accessories like bed sheets and lip glosses.

I admire Hilary because she is simply beautiful. She’s glamorous. But mostly I just like the way she is as a person. When she was “Lizzie McGuire” she was just being herself. Now she is the official Barbie Ambassador. She teamed up with her sister Haylie for a new ad campaign for Fashion Fever Barbie dolls and clothing. It’s perfect because Barbie, Hilary and Haylie are positive role models.

I love using computers. At home I mostly use email and Instant Message to chat with my friends. Some of my best friends are Grace, Dara, and Aliava. I’ve known Dara the longest time. I also have many other good friends, way too many more to name them all here.

I use computers in school. In English I use computers for assignments.

I want to be an actress and a singer. But one of my other goals is to become an English teacher. I enjoy reading and writing poems and short stories. My mom is from South America so I also speak Spanish.

I like hip-hop dancing and music. Of course Hilary’s music is my favorite.

I earn my allowance by washing, ironing, and cleaning up around the house.

My favorite hobby is shopping and I’ve got a cool collection of summer sandals.

I have to share my computer with my family. But some day I hope to get one of my own. I like because it has lots of good advice for kids without talking down to us. I like to start a CyberSpacers club at my school.

I think every computer can be magic if you use it to help make your dreams come true.

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