Every now and then, we get inspiring letters from friends, fans and followers of CyberSpacers asking us about some of our featured guests... For instance, here's a note that we recently received on a story about Dakota Root: Dakota Root
Dear cyberspacers,

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much we appreciate your stories about positive role models, like Dakota Root.

My brother's daughter was really struggling in her life about finding her place in life, being unfulfilled and unsuccessful.

I was able to send her the link to your Dakota story which opened up a line of communication between her and I about how to change her life, to live a satisfying and fulfilling life with purpose. I feel as though we owe it all to finding your article, which begs the question: Where is she now?

Amber and I can't be the only people who are wondering what Dakota's up to these days... I would wager, it's something amazing.

Again thanks "cyberspacers" for spreading the good news,

Pam and Paul Aronson

A good question Pam and Paul. So we sent our Super-Cyber Reporters out to get the latest scoop on your favorite role model.

First of all, Dakota Root was out of the country... like ... going to OXFORD UNIVERSITY! Check it out, according to her pops, author, commentator and former vice presidential candidate, Wayne Allyn Root, "Dakota just finished up a semester at Oxford in the UK. And is about to start her senior year at Harvard! She won the John Harvard Award last year - top 5% of students at Harvard! She is doing GREAT."

Wow! We also caught a glimpse of Dakota Root with her dad on the news... Just in case you missed it, here it is... See for yourself:

Dakota was home-schooled by her parents, businessman dad and devoted Christian homemaker mom in Las Vegas.

Also, Dakota Root was a National Merit Scholar, Presidential Scholar nominee who was accepted by many of this nationís finest universities including Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Columbia, Penn, Brown, Chicago, Virginia, and Cal-Berkeley just to name a few.

Dakota's proud father says, "... she is also beautiful (like her mother) and nice. She is actually respectful to her parents and appreciative of all we've sacrificed for her. She represents what all of us hope and pray for our children."

It just goes to show that CyberSpacers, just like you, can make a positive difference in the real world and digital universe.

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Meet Dakota Root Root for America!

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