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’Jungle Jeff’ shoots animals and people. He hunts them down around the world. Once he’s on their trail, few if any, have ever escaped. Sometimes he travels thousands of miles to dangerous places and then waits for hours or days to get them in his crosshairs. At other times he must rush to catch up with the target, or move quietly in disguise, then get close, take careful aim, and…

‘CLICK!’ ‘CLICK!’ ‘CLICK!’ Yes, that’s right. ‘Jungle Jeff’ has never hurt any one or any thing because his ‘weapon’ of choice is a camera.

He’s the world-famous photographer who’s shot everything from wild, rare and exotic beasts to the rich and famous at home, to one-of-a-kind stunts in the air, land and sea. With nerves of steel and patience of Job, ‘Jungle Jeff’ is a modern-day explorer, adventurer, environmentalist, and above all -- an artist.

“The camera is my brush,” ‘Jungle Jeff’ tells CyberSpacers in this slide show exclusive, “And the world is my easel.

“I don’t appreciate those who use guns to shoot animals, where’s the sport in that?” ‘Jungle Jeff’ explains. “To me, the best test of character is to use a camera. The challenge becomes greater because it’s the only way to capture the object, the place and that special moment in time -- in order to preserve it forever.”

So relax, but get ready to sit on the edge of your chair as CyberSpacers presents this exclusive special slide show adventure of the one and only ‘Jungle Jeff’!

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