You chose to help Quentin get into the computer system, but stop him from doing any damage. Here's what might happen:

Stick figure Something goes wrong when you and Quentin try to break into the school's computer system, and the computer is broken. The school can't use the computer for all the things it usually does, and it is very expensive to fix it. Instead of new sports equipment, your school must now pay to fix its computer.

Even though you did not INTEND to cause any damage, you and Quentin have committed a very serious crime by breaking into the school's computer. It is NOT a game. You and Quentin could be in serious trouble.

Think about it:

People who break into computers ("hackers") destroy property and records, and invade privacy. What is privacy worth to you? What information about you (or your parents) do you think is private: medical information? grades? how much money you have? how much money you owe? your letters to a friend? To a boyfriend or girlfriend?

When you write something, how important is it to be able to find it again: an e-mail letter? a school paper? your bank records? How important is it that data in computers not be altered: your school paper? a letter? your grades? medical records?

Some hackers think that if they "don't alter anything" or "don't mean to alter anything" they haven't done any harm. But they are stealing telephone and computer time. They also crash systems so they won't work. How do we use information systems today? What could happen if systems like the air traffic control system or the 911 system suddenly stopped working?

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