You chose to tell her to change her password. Here's what might happen:

Stick figure Congratulations! You made a good choice. She is grateful that you told her that her password was not secure, and she changes it. You and she start talking, and you realize that you have more in common than you thought. Now you and she have become friends.

Think about it:

People care very much about their privacy, and they will appreciate it when you respect their privacy. Think about things that you would want to keep private: your diary, letters to friends, your medical information, or your grades. Then think how you would feel if used your account to look at these things.

It's important to keep your password a SECRET, so that no one can log onto the computer using your account. Your account identifies YOU, so if something happens while someone is using your account, people will look to you, first. Change your password frequently so people will not guess it or find out about it.

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