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"That album generated another smash single, 'It's Gonna Be Me'," says Carlos Melgarejo, JC's longtime pal and business partner. "Further hit singles preceded the release of 'Celebrity', their musically adventurous and outrageously successful fourth album," Carlos explains for CyberSpacers.

CyberSpacers Carlos Melgarejo and Rose Braunstein"The guys are going their own ways right now," Carlos says, "but there's already been talk about doing another album. It will happen," he says, "because it's something they all want to do."

Yet regardless of his prior or future *NSYNC successes, JC is now striving to conquer new worlds. And, according to insiders, he's well on his way. "JC's new tracks are as exciting as anything we've ever heard him do," says Jive Records executive, Rose Braunstein.

"He is so talented, and such a perfectionist," Rose says exuberantly. "JC is willing to take chances, push his talent and experiment. Jive Records is very enthused about the tracks he's been putting down."

"JC's new solo album is going to be special, totally awesome," promises pal, Carlos. "JC will not let himself, or his fans down." Regarding a release date for that new album, all Carlos will say is: "It's going to be a busy, and a great summer for JC, and his fans."

Currently, JC's at work in the studio with producers Rodney Jerkins (Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys), BT ('NSYNC) and Riprock 'n' Alex G (Christina Aguilera). Dallas Austin who's produced Madonna, TLC and many other major names is also involved.

Loyalty is another virtue that is part of JC's nature. Says Carlos: "Tony Lucca is one his best friends, they met on the MMC. Tony is a genuine talent himself, and has been the opening act for *NSync. Recently, Tony was doing a show at the House of Blues in LA. JC surprised everyone by jumping on stage with him. They performed 'Shelter of Your Love' an original song they wrote together. It brought down the house."

Maintaining close friendships is a big part of what JC is all about. Regarding his *NSYNC co-stars, JC tells CyberSpacers in this exclusive interview: "I really don't know exactly how the friendship developed and stayed so strong after all these years.

"But at this point, I can't even remember what it was like not to know them. All I can say is, I'm appreciative that each of them was, and hopefully, always will be a part of my life."

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