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JC says: "I truly value the friendships of the whole group of talented people that started on the Mickey Mouse Club. Whenever I hear news about any of us, good or bad, it does affect me personally."

JC Chasez and Nikki DeLoachRegarding the news that Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera are heading out on tour together, JC says: "That's great! The tour is a kind of reunion for them. Remember, Justin and Christina met when they were just a couple of young kids. They spent two years performing together, alongside each other on the MMC. And, of course, they are still great friends even when they're not performing.

"We're all friends," JC says. "But don't think that we're not all in competition with one another. Britney Spears' successes, Justin Timberlake's and Christina Aguilera's smash albums and singles, we're all happy for one another. But when one or some of us makes it, it makes the rest of us strive that much harder to achieve even more."

Indeed, Justin Timberlake will be touring in support of his double-platinum solo debut album, 'Justified', while Christina Aguilera is performing in support of her own double-platinum 2002 album, 'Stripped.' Both Justin and Christina are set to release their respective third singles. And a possible Justin & Christina duet album may be in the future.

"When you are a performer," JC explains, "you do what you have to do to keep performing. Naturally, the goal is to create what the fans want, and will continue to support. That's why I'm not afraid to experiment when I'm in the studio. I want to keep my fans happy. But I also want to satisfy my own quest to take my music to places it's never been before."

While Justin's on-off and on-again relationship with Britney Spears continues to make front-page headlines, JC's love life has also been well publicized. However, that aspect is not something he relishes.

"A person's private life should be just that - private," says JC in this exclusive CyberSpacers interview. "People have a right to privacy," he explains. "I don't think that just because someone is famous it gives others the right to pry into their personal affairs."

JC admits he tries to be discreet when it comes to his love life. Still, he's been romantically linked with Nikki DeLoach, star vocalist of girl group Innosense and former MMC fellow cast member.

"We're still close friends," JC says of Nikki. "She's a very special person, with extraordinary talent. How could I not still care for her, and wish her all the best."

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