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JC has also dated the glamorous model Talani Davis, who appeared in the *NSYNC video, 'It's Gonna Be Me'. Last winter, he had a short- lived romance with 'American Pie2' star, actress Tara Reid. But JC reveals to CyberSpacers:

JC Chasez and Tara Reid"I'm kind of shy and quiet when it comes to my personal love life. I will tell you that I do like girls with outgoing personalities, and self-respect. But not conceit.

"I can also tell you that I am currently dating someone special. In fact, she's very special. But you know I won't tell you who she is."

JC is fiercely protective of those closest to him. "I consider my friends and family the most valued treasures of my life," he says. "And, of course, all those wonderful fans," he says, seriously.

"Don't think for even a minute that I don't truly appreciate the love and support that I receive from my fans around the world. I try my best to make sure that they all know that I, and all those people who work with me, sincerely respect and value what the fans think.

"To you fans who may be reading this," says JC, "I just want to say thanks very much for being there for me. I really care about what you say, and think.

"In fact," JC tells CyberSpacers, "I need your input to help me create the kind of music you want to hear. That's why I'm inviting all of you to check out my new music web site, www.onlyartist.com.

"Starting in June, we'll be posting questions for you to answer. Your answers will play a big part in helping me create what YOU want to hear. I look forward to hearing from you - and then you'll hear from me!"

JC also recognizes how the CyberSpacers' motto, 'Respect and Protect YOUR Internet' - applies to everyday life. "We are free to pursue our dreams," he says. "But each of us must accept the responsibility and consequence for our own behavior.

"Having that opportunity is what makes America great."

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