W-W-WOW! The real WEBster!

Manny Lewis directing big plans in show business!

. . former kid star becoming a huge grown-up success!

'Webster' was one of the most meaningful TV sitcoms of all time. It was funny, yet serious. It showed how families come in all shapes, sizes, and in this case, colors. At age 11, Emmanuel Lewis began starring as 'Webster' - the orphaned son of a pro football player who moves in with the family of a former teammate of his father.

Manny LewisDuring the '80s 'Webster' was a top hit show with lots of laughter and lessons about life in every episode. Like the character he played on TV, in real life Emmanuel Lewis also grew up in a great family. The importance of education, faith, a strong belief in one's self, and setting high goals were lessons Emmanuel followed from an early age.

In fact, 'Manny', as he's known to his family and friends, credits his adult success to the values his mother taught him when he was a kid. And that includes respect for the wonders that can be accomplished using computers!

The little boy whose face became famous thanks to 'Webster' and over 60 commercials worldwide, is now a man with big plans for the future. Last summer, Manny founded his own music label - Emmanuel Lewis Entertainment. He also has projects in the works for TV series and feature films.

Manny looks fantastic, many years younger than his actual age - and is instantaneously recognizable wherever he goes. Fact is, because his face is so familiar he is often asked to play himself when he appears as a guest star on shows.

Not all kid stars grow up to become responsible citizens. The transition is not easy. Manny, however, is a shining example that all other kids can look up to.

Here, exclusively for CyberSpacers.com, Manny shares some thoughts on what it takes to achieve success in life.

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