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"Knowledge is power," says Emmanuel Lewis, former star of 'Webster'. "If you stop learning you stop progressing."

Emmanuel Lewis as WebsterNot all child stars make a successful transition to adulthood. Many careers and tragic young lives are lost along the way. Emmanuel Lewis, however, exemplifies how do get it right - how to accomplish great things when you are young, and keep on going.

"Achieving success doesn't have to be complicated," explains the actor/producer/director whose career took off at the age of nine doing national commercials. His start in ads led to lasting worldwide fame, and the starring role in ABC's smash '80s hit 'Webster'. "Just keep setting goals, and go after them.

"It helps to have a great family like I do," Manny says, offering his thoughts here exclusively for "It's essential for kid stars, or any kids for that matter, to be surrounded by those who care. The best parents are those who share wisdom and experience, who carefully guide and teach children how to manage their lives while growing up.

"But being smart on your own is a must. Having the right friends - staying away from drugs, alcohol and crime - and working to achieve your dreams are all important elements if you're going to succeed in life."

Emmanuel, whose name means 'God is with us' lives up to his words and beliefs. He has two brothers, both in the recording business, and an older sister who's an executive with Delta Airlines. Margaret, his mom, has always been a strong, positive influence in all their lives.

"Our family means everything to my mother. And she means everything to us. Love and example are her ways of teaching the most important values."

Webster's Emmanuel LewisRemarkably, Manny looks much the same as when he starred as the angelic-faced Webster - as well as the spokesman for a series of Burger King ads that won him the CLIO Award as Best Male Actor in a commercial.

Even before Webster - Manny toured Japan with his number one record 'City Connection.' "The Japanese people treated me like one their own, and I have to admit - I fell in love with the country and culture," he says. "There will always be a special place in my heart for Japan."

After Webster, Manny wanted to learn everything he could about stage, film, and recording. "In a word -production," he explains from the 12-acre estate he shares with his family near Atlanta.

In the 1980's, his mother, Margaret, quit her job as a computer programmer to manage his thriving career - which now, of course, he takes care of himself.

"My mother taught me to respect the magic of computers, and the fact that you can work wonders with the technology. It's important for all CyberSpacers to realize that having the ability to explore the universe is a privilege, and not a right. The Internet is freedom itself. Using that freedom to learn, and to achieve, is what it is all about.

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