The Magic of Computers!

Lance Burton is recognized as the greatest magician in the world. He was the first American and the youngest performer to win the "Grand Prix" of magic that distinguished him as a "World Champion Magician". The Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas has built a theater especially for Lance where he performs to record-breaking crowds.

Lance Burton Master MagicianLance has appeared on "The Tonight Show" a total of 15 times - and is acknowledged by his peers as "The Most Brilliant Magician of this Century." Twice awarded "Magician of the Year" by the Academy of Magical Arts, Lance has guest-starred on television series, and performed around the world. He's entertained dignitaries and world leaders including the President of the United States, the British Royal Family, as well as the needy and for charity.

Lance Burton was given the honor of having the "Mantle of Magic" passed to his care. This honor, which can be neither bought nor sold, has been passed in an unbroken line for nearly a hundred years. It is now Lance's responsibility to take his art boldly into the 21st century!

Currently, the phenomenal performer is producing and starring in his own series of television specials. Watch for "Hocus Pocus" - or any of his specials - whenever they magically appear on the Fox Family Channel.

Lance believes in the importance of giving to others. Profits from his Magic Shop, which you can visit at, goes to charity. Lance's main charities are directed toward children, but he also hosts an annual concert for The Animal Foundation.

Despite his busy schedule, this modern-day wizard has found the time to speak with you. Here, exclusively for - Lance Burton conjures up some thoughts on The Magic of Computers!

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