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Hi, Cyberspacers.

A Young Lance Burton Just Starting OutDo you believe in magic? You should, because we are all magicians! You have the magic touch at your fingertips. And it's no illusion. Computers actually make it possible for you to be in more than two places at once. While sitting in your chair, you can travel to most any place on the planet, and even explore other worlds where no one has ever set foot. And that's quite a feat!

As quick as you could say 'abracadabra' - you are able to make just about anything you want appear in front of you. You have the power to control a limitless electronic library filled with information and knowledge that kings and leaders of history would have given their empires to own.

However, the real magic of computers is not what they can do - it is what you do with them. Don't be fooled. There is a lot more to performing great things with computers than meets the eye. But what you can accomplish is nothing short of miraculous.

Learning the technology is only the beginning. The real trick is using those skills to help achieve your goals. No one is too young to begin dreaming and working toward what they want to do with their life. I was five years old when a magician asked for a volunteer from the audience. When he pulled the silver dollar from behind my ear - I heard the crowd's laughter and applause, and I was amazed. That was the moment I realized I wanted to be a magician.

Although the Web wasn't invented back then, I sure wish it had been. We didn't have a whole lot of money when I was growing up either. I always asked for magic books or magic tricks for my birthday and for Christmas. The rest of the year I mowed lawns or found part time jobs to help with the cost of doing magic.

Cyberspacers, you are growing up in the most magical generation yet. It seems almost supernatural to be able to travel through cyberspace. But when you look into your monitor - what do you see? Is it real, or is it an illusion? It is real if you are finding and exploring Web sites that are improving the person you are. It is an illusion - and you are only fooling yourself - if you aren't putting Your Internet to good use.

Lance Burton With a Group of CyberSpacersMost young magicians learn their craft from masters, professionals. With computers, it's no different. But no matter how you learn the technology - the greatest wizardry of all is your performance with it.

You can pull the rabbit out of the hat, so to speak, by Acing that test, by passing all those exams with flying colors because you're using your computer to study correctly. Believe it or not, no matter how great you may be at the keyboard - there is nothing magical about wasting your time and your know-how.

Cyberspacers who achieve the most are those who put their skills to the best possible use each and every time they turn on the power. They are the ones who have self-respect, gain recognition and success. Ever wonder how do they do it? Let me reveal the simple secret. All you must do is realize, and accept, that ethical behavior and language, is the same no matter if you are on the Internet or not.

But if you're having problems telling what is real and what isn't - remember this. The Internet is as real as anything else in your life. What you say and do on the Worldwide Web does make a difference. No one can read your mind or cast a spell and control your actions. The choice is up to you.

Your computer is like a magic wand, a magic carpet, and Aladdin's Lamp all rolled into one. If used wisely, your wishes will come true. Go ahead, be a Web Master. Work wonders with it.

Your friend,
Lance Burton

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