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What could be better than being a teenage millionaire Internet wizard? How about being a self-made teen multi-millionaire & all-around good guy. At age 15, Chicago born-and-raised Rishi Bhat, a self-proclaimed former hacker, turned his hobby into a multi-million dollar fortune, and along the way - helped protect Web privacy for businesses and the public as well.

Rishi Bhat"I'm fortunate to be able to pick up things quickly," Rishi tells CyberSpacersTM. His advice for other young people looking to make their mark in the world: "Do what you like to do, have fun with it and see what happens. Don't worry about the money."

This is the story of a young man who follows his own advice - a quiet, well-spoken and opinionated young man with a wealth of knowledge that is paying off big time on the topics of hacking and Internet privacy. Two years ago, in between summer jobs as an assistant administrator at the University of Chicago's Ben May Cancer Institute and as a volunteer Web site designer at the university's National Opinion Research Center, Rishi found some free time. He spent it doing what he likes best - working with the computers in the basement office of his family's Chicago home.

This year he graduates high school and steps through the Ivy League doors of the University of Pennsylvania to further his education in an already remarkable life of achievement which includes being an honors student, accomplished musician, champion athlete, and a movie star! Oh, yes, and a computer technology whiz, the creator of a software privacy product that allows Web-surfing with complete anonymity. The product now available at www.siegesoft.com made Rishi Bhat an instant celebrity and a millionaire.

He acquired his fame and fortune by applying his know-how and tech-savvy in a positive way. "I took a hacker's approach to figure out how to better protect businesses and the public from prying eyes on the Web," says Rishi, a role model for his generation, and an advocate for freedom and individual rights.

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