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Rishi Bhat on Good Morning AmericaChicago-born Rishi Bhat got his first computer when he was three years old. Of course, his highly educated parents who came to America from India had bought it for themselves, to use in the office of their Hyde Park area home.

Nonetheless, speaking since the age of seven months, and already starting to write, Rishi at three years was ready to sit (on a stack of books no doubt) at the keyboard of the new machine.

"I started programming when I was about six," Rishi tells CyberSpacersTM in this exclusive interview. "I'm not sure if one would call me a 'natural' or not, but I am almost completely self taught," he says matter-of-factly, without a trace of conceit.

Fact is, Rishi doesn't much care to be called 'whiz-kid,' 'boy genius,' 'wunderkind' or anything that would set him apart from just being a regular down to earth teenager. "People have said those things," Rishi shrugs dubiously, "but I don't think it's true."

Can you spell diversity? Besides his major league status in the world of computers, Rishi excels at tennis, is a classical pianist, plays a mean clarinet, has a red-hot hip hop group with a new album and downloadable music - and at age ten starred in the hit feature film, 'The Indian in the Cupboard.'

Regarding his acting career, Rishi tells CyberSpacersTM: "A mass mailing advertisement arrived at our house asking, 'Does you child want to be an actor?' My dad threw it away. But when a 2nd ad arrived a few weeks later, I told him I wanted to try it.

"It may be because I'm their only child, but my parents have always been supportive of whatever I wanted to do," explains the former prodigy who this fall begins his freshman year at Penn.

"My folks took me on a few auditions, I got lucky and landed a couple of jobs. Then, the Paramount film came up, and to all of our surprise, I got it." The fantasy became a box office smash and other offers quickly followed. But Rishi wasn't much interested in pursuing a career in acting. "My computers, studies, friends, family and social life came first," he says. "I just didn't have enough spare time for show business."

Rishi Bhat made his fortune writing a computer program to better protect one's privacy while surfing the Web. "SiegeSoft veils subscribers' identity while they travel through the Internet and scrambles records of where they went," Rishi explains. Others have created similar programs, but experts from and elsewhere say SiegeSoft is easier to use.

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