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Indeed, Rishi had customers. He also was monitoring the latest reports of hackers breaking into government and corporate computer systems -- running his Web site in order to warn the system owners.

Rishi Bhat and The Indian In The Cupboard co-star Hal SardinoIt wasn't long before the Canadian firm, Rocca Resources, Ltd., contacted the teenager. Rishi made a fortune selling his software to the Vancouver-based Internet company, in part helping launch his own cause by appearing on ABC's Good Morning America to talk about his life. After that interview, the company's stock went skyward. And then a group of business people from Hong Kong put up about $10million to promote

Still, the personable teen has always kept his success in perspective. "It takes effort to accomplish things," he says. "That's why I endorse CyberSpacersTM' approach of motivating kids to 'Take the High Road on the Information Super Highway' - and to take responsibility for their own online and off-line behavior." says Rishi. "Every kid can be a real life Super Cyber Hero if they set high goals, and then achieve them.

"Working to achieve goals is the most important thing a kid can do," he continues. Like a young Thomas Edison, Rishi reveals, "I can operate fine on five hours of sleep during the week. But I do try to catch up on the weekends."

Parents or guardians can also help their kids. Says Rishi: "The family should allow their children to try what ever it is that they want to do. At the same time, kids must earn their parents' trust, and parents must earn their kids respect."

If you think Rishi Bhat sounds like a nerd who is all work and no play, you better go back and read this story again. Download his rap music, listen to the lyrics, or try playing the games he enjoys. "'Unreal Tournament' is cool," he suggests. "'Halo' on the X-Box is good, too. I don't have an X-Box, but my best friend does, so I've spent a good amount of time playing it because it's fun and challenging."

He says, however, his biggest challenge begins this fall when he enters the University of Pennsylvania. "I'll be majoring in computer science and bio medical engineering. I want to combine those two sciences in a way that's never been done before."

"I'm not looking to become the next Bill Gates," he says. "I want to remain Rishi Bhat. And I would say to others in my generation: 'Be yourself. But be the best you can be.'

"There's no magic formula for success. To achieve goals, you must believe in 'Y-O-U'. If you believe you can do something, and are confident in yourself, things have a way of working out for the best."

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