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Jennifer McGill"It's very fulfilling for me to be an independent woman who supports herself through the years entirely from performing," ex-MMC Mouseketeer, Jennifer McGill tells CyberSpacers. "I hope it is reassuring for others to know that it can be done, even if I am not a celebrity making multi-millions of dollars."

While Jennifer continues to maintain a close friendship with several former members of the MMC, and keeps her fingers crossed for others -- her own life and career have taken some surprising twists and turns.

"My friends form an amazing support system," she confides. "Through tough times, I can rely on my "Core 5" of best friends mostly from the entertainment business to watch my back, listen to my troubles, and truly love me through it all. Thank you "Core 5" (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)!!!"

And no matter what unexpected events life may throw at her, for better or for worse, Jennifer McGill has learned how to hold on as if on one big wild ride at Disney World.

Jennifer, Tasha and JC"I have lived and worked in many exciting places in recent years, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Texas, New York, and of course Florida, where I now call home," Jenn, (who's also nicknamed 'Barbie') tells CyberSpacers.

"I am savoring the most important things in life right now, including God, my friends, and my cats," she adds with a smile. "I guess you could say I am having fun nesting, after traveling so much in the past few years."

Nonetheless, the gorgeous 5'7" redhead who was born in Denison, Texas, admits to having thought about "nesting" in the more traditional way. As she makes clear: "I'm still living single and very content to wait for the "right one" to marry some day. I don't have any children yet, unless you count my two cats who I love and adore!

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