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Jennifer McGill's mother, Joy, and Peepers"Peepers is a domestic ginger, 7 years-old. He is now officially a "senior". I named him (Peepers) because his eyes are very big and bright. My mother called him her "grandchild" when she baby sat him as a kitten.

"Aughra is a 9 year-old Calico Persian. I named her after a character in "The Dark Crystal" who she actually resembles! I believe the movie spells the name "Ogra", but I wanted her name to look prettier, so I changed it. Both "Aughra" and "Ogra" have one squinty eye and always look like they're irritated, which makes for a fairly funny-looking cat!

"Peepers is a mama's boy, and is very friendly to all my students. He's always getting visitors to pet him. Aughra is much more shy, but when strangers are not around, she's just as lovable as Peepers, and enjoys her fair share of cuddles.

"Both my cats are very special to me, because my mother picked out both of them for me. Peepers was a birthday present, and she gave Aughra to me on Mother's Day in 2003, the year she passed away.

Jennifer McGill's cat. Aughra"My cats will always remind me of how loving and perceptive my mother was, because she could see that they would continue to enrich my life, even past her own."

Although her star-studded past includes performing with Alanis Morissette, as well as writing and producing with such talented individuals as Tony Battaglia (Mandy Moore) and Gary Haase (N'SYNC), Jennifer McGill's current projects make for incredibly busy days.

"I often wonder how I get everything done in my life and still have time to sleep," she says. "The trick is to love my work, which I do. My work is my hobby, and my passion! Music is definitely my life right now and pretty much has been ever since I was 7 years-old.

"I'm a self-proclaimed workaholic! I am very organized and manage my time well because I write everything down... otherwise I wouldn't remember anything. Songs will stay locked away in my memory for years, but a new appointment will be gone in a heartbeat if I don't write it down.

"Ask me what the lyrics are to Michael Bolton's "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You"...but if you want to know what I did yesterday...let me check my calendar!"

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