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Jennifer McGillWhen CyberSpacers asked about her goals, Jennifer replied with a banquet of food for thought:

"You know what they say...When you start making plans, God laughs! I could plan my whole life out to the last hour, but that doesn't mean any of it will happen if God doesn't want it to, if He has different plans for me.

"I've always been a planner. But these last few years I have tried to let God lead me more and more. I still make plans, but ask Him first what He thinks. I know I'm supposed to make an album, and I'm writing and recording towards that goal right now.

"It's a slow process, because I'm very picky about my songs and how they sound. But once it's finished it'll be a dream of over 20 years, finally realized. And it'll be an amazing feeling!

"I also dream of performing on Broadway. I love the musical 'Wicked' and would be honored to play either "Elphaba" or "Galinda", but my favorite is Elphie (Elphaba).

"Besides performing, I'm making a pre-New Year's resolution to remodel my condo into a home where my loved ones can visit, have fellowship, and feel really comfortable. I've always worked so much that my family and friends have learned to be patient when it comes to quality hang-out time with me.

"I want to change that for the holidays this year," she vows, "as well as in 2009, and make myself and my home more available to all my loved ones.

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