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Jennifer McGill"I have a big family. I grew up with a younger brother who lives in Orlando, and have gotten closer to the rest of my half-siblings through the years. I also have a huge extended family, made up of my "Core 5" best friends, as well as other great friends who are mostly in show business."

To prepare for the holidays, Jennifer is also taking time to learn more about her favorite non-show biz hobby: sewing. She tells CyberSpacers:

"I like hand stitching on my clothing. I'm an amateur designer and frequently make my own clothing and accessories, usually from cutting up old jeans or dresses and reworking them.

"I am slowly learning more about sewing machines and tailoring, though my favorite will always be old-school stitching. I love sewing something for my loved ones for birthdays and Christmas, instead of buying something. It's fun to give someone a one-of-a kind gift."

Despite a nearly constant work schedule, it is hard to imagine, but Jennifer hasn't performed with any of her ex-mice pals since the MMC wrapped back in 1994, with this one exception: she sings from time to time with the mega-talented Tony Lucca when his tour goes through Florida.

However, she does visit with other friends from the MMC...

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