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Jennifer McGillJennifer McGill tells CyberSpacers in this exclusive update:

"Whenever I come into New York, I immediately connect with Lindsey (Alley) to see if we can meet for lunch or dinner. She and Tony are my two closest Mouseketeer friends who've stayed connected through the years. Emails really help me stay in the loop with lots of the former MMC cast, like Tasha (Danner), Ilana (Miller), and Mylin (Brooks).

"Since Tasha attended my high school in Orlando for a while, she and I have mutual friends from there. One of them had a birthday party last year and Tasha flew in to be a part of it... so I got to see her after many years of being apart.

"The best way to keep in touch and spend time with each other all across America is to know when one of us is performing in town, and go to the concert. If I just show up in L.A., I'll see at least 8 ex-MMCers if I just make a few phone calls.

"It's a strange dynamic," Jennifer observes, "that I could go months or years without speaking to certain Mouseketeers, then with one phone call saying I'm in town and we should meet up, I'll see a whole group of us -- and catch up as if no time has passed at all.

"Truly, it is a blessing to have this special type of "family" which stays connected to each other, even without constant maintenance," Jennifer McGill tells CyberSpacers.

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