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The following day I wanted to see everything in Las Vegas before we headed to the Luxor Hotel to see The Blue Men Group. I've got to mention the big buffets meals you could buy for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Today we had a brunch meal and we weren't hungry until late in the evening. The food here is so reasonable; My Mom especially loved the prices! I was able to go to some of the arcades but soon it was time to get ready to go to our second show.

Blue Man Group

Blue Man GroupAs we entered the Luxor Hotel to see the Blue Man Group, we stopped on the way to take a photo with a giant life- like camel that was in the entrance way In the Lobby. We arrived at the theater and in the entrance area they were giving out earplugs. I passed on these and so did my Mom. I love loud music and percussions. We were seated in the fifth row and given plastic rain ponchos to wear. I knew we were in for something unusual and different. >From some of the ads I had seen for the show The Blue Man were beating drums and colorful splashes of paint were shooting out from the drums. Maybe they squirt the people in the first few rows. Hey this was going to be fun. My Mom was wearing her best suit; but the people sitting next to us had on short sleeves and shorts. Someone had tipped them off about getting paint or other things sprayed on the on them, they were ready and so was I!

Before the show started people from the Blue Man Company handed out long pieces of tissue paper. I asked what this was for and they told me to decorate myself. My Mom placed some of the tissue paper around her head with a bow; I wore it like a karate expert would wear a scarf tied around his head.

Then something unusual happened. A LED sign started to print words across the top of the stage. It told that there were some celebrities in the audience. One won a gold medal at the Olympics. Then all of a sudden they mentioned My Mom! The sign said for her to stand up and then it said, "Helene Frances has a headache"! The audience laughed and so did my Mom. " Mom how did you pull this off?" I questioned. Smiling She said, "I'll tell you later!"

I thought that this was such a clever way of getting the audience warmed up for the Blue Man Group. I had lived in New York City for a few years and I'd been to a couple of Broadway Shows with my public school class. Our teacher explained that there is always an invisible wall between the audience and the performers. Here the audience was becoming part of the show before the Blue Man Group even appeared on the stage! The wall was broken; we were part of the show.

Drums started to gyrate and the curtains opened to reveal The Blue Man Group standing nearly three stories high in front of a wall of drums. The drums looked like they were on stilts. Aided by dynamite musicians on either side of the stage on platforms high above the stage the phenomenal The Blue Man Group began their unique show. The three Blue Man never talk at all, they express themselves with facial expression, music, and play a variety of custom instruments like an air pole; which make a "swooshing" sound as it swirls through the wind. Another special instrument is the PVC instrument. It is made out of polyvinyl chloride pipes that are struck with closed-cell foam rubber paddles. These sound like someone hitting different plumbing pipes in a basement! The music was unique and different. The music made me want to get out of my seat and dance.

The Blue Man Group is theater in a special original style, they are musical, funny, artists, and involve the audience in everything they do. Black lighting makes the group and the paint glow in the dark. The musicians on the platforms also are lit up in neon-glow costumes.

The Blue Man Group consists of three men who wear black pants and turtle neck shirts, but their face and hands are painted blue. They are bald and have no ears showing. They almost make you think that they are from outer space or something this world has never seen before. They possess an innocent and remind me of ET the extra terrestrial in the film with the same name. What is so unusual is that this Group never talks. Never says one word, or sings one song. Yet the audience is brought into their world and they communicate with the crowd. They are funny, hip, and they are creative they are artists! They catch marshmallows with their mouths and then they make art out of the marshmallows and paint! They Blue Man Group makes everyone feel like a kid again!

The audience is completely captivated by The Blue Man Group and so am I. A young man is chosen from the audience and he is placed in a special suit and using his body creates artwork too. Music is constantly playing in the background while they extraordinary events are taking place.

Another shy lucky volunteer is dragged out of the audience and gets to join the Blue Man Group in a dinner of Twinkies. There is an unusual event after they finish eating when the creamy Twinkies burst out of their stomachs! It's funny but kind of yucky at the same time. The lady on stage gets a doggy bag of the gooey stuff to take home. This show is so extraordinary that it blends new musical sounds, oddball comedy, and artwork, to give the audience a very remarkable night at the evening!

The Blue Men are the most original form of theater that I ever experienced. I loved the show and so did the audience. I don't want to tell you all the surprises but something else happens in the audience that is wild and crazy and lots of fun.

The Blue man group is a show you should also save up for and make your parents takes you to Las Vegas to see it is absolutely exciting and creative.

After the show my Mom has a real treat for me. She had arranged to have me interview them just for Cyberspacers .com and we were going to meet them in person the following day before we left for home.

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