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Live Interview With The Blue Man Group

We were led backstage by Bryce Krausman who is the P.R. man for the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas. The stage is gigantic when you see it before the show. The back of the stage is really big too. We were lead down some steps to another area where we sat down in a conference room waiting for the Group to arrive. I had asked Bryce if he would have to translate for us since the Blue Man Group doesn't talk, but he said we would be meeting them without their make-up and therefore they would talk to us. This was getting very exciting. Finally the door opened and the three Blue Man Group entered. We shook hands and then I finally got to ask them my first question:

Travis and Blue ManGreg: How would you describe the music you play?

Blue Man 1: Techno, robot hip hop.

Greg: I heard that the Blue Man Group is going on the road and this show will e more of a rock show than the one here in Las Vegas.

Blue Man 2: The group is signed with Lava Records the same label that has Kid Rock. The group has started touring already.

Greg: Weren't you nominated for a Grammy last year?

Blue Man 1: Yes, we had a nomination for an audio CD last year and now we have a new song on the soundtrack of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film "Terminator 3: the Rise of the Machine."

Greg: So the traveling Blue Man Group Rock Show is different than the Las Vegas Show?

Blue Man 1: Yes absolutely. Absolutely. The road show goes hand and hand with the CD. They do have special effects also, but the show is very different than our show. We bring people into our show that is in a certain space and we try to bring them into our space.

Greg: Do you change parts with each other sometimes to make the shows more interesting?

Blue Man 2: Yes, absolutely. We all know each other's parts so that if something happens we can trade places.

Greg: What is the real story of how The Blue Man Group was formed?

Blue Man 1: The first Blue Man Group was formed in 1987 with a series of events starting in New York City/ The Group was started by the original founders Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink. It started as a happening and they had a funeral to end the 1980'ies and begin the new 1990'ies.

Blue Man 2: They did many of their performances on the street and with the public school PS122.

Blue Man 3: Eventually it evolved into an Off-Broadway show at the Astor Place Theater in 1991.

Greg: I heard that the show won several awards in NYC. What were they?

Blue Man 1: The Obie and Lucille Lortel Awards. The Drama Committee wanted to give them an award and had to form a totally new category to do this called the "Unique Theatrical Production."

Greg: Whose idea was it to give out the tissue paper before the show starts?

Blue Man 2: It was a way to connect the audience to the show. We want to make the audience feel they are not just an observer, but that they will become part of the show.

Greg: Was the tissue paper used in the original Blue Man Group Show?

Blue Man 1: Yes. We tried to keep most of the original elements of the show but we added things to make it bigger and flashier for Las Vegas.

Blue Man 3: In an ordinary theatrical show you just sit back and you don't even recognize the person sitting next to you. In our show, we break down the barriers.

Blue Man 2: Yes, we try to get everyone involved.

Blue Man 1: It's like the actor's play with the fourth imaginary wall there. We completely destroy this wall and bring the audience into our space.

Greg: How many Blue Men are there in the shows?

Blue Man 2: There are 19 with the Las Vegas Show alone. I believe there are at least 30 Nationwide.

Blue Man 1: Yes we have a show in Chicago, the Rock Group on the Road, us in Las Vegas and a New York show too.

Greg: When the show first started how many Blue Men were there?

Blue Man 3: Just the three original members. They performed for three years straight without an understudy!

Greg: What would you say the theme of your show is?

Blue Man 1: To connect with one other. The more technology advanced the more disconnect people have become.

Blue Man 2: We can E-mail people across the world but not even know who they are or what they look like.

Greg: whose idea was it to have you come out after the show and meet the people?

Blue Man 1: We call it our meet and greet and although we still don't talk it is funny to see how some people respond to us.

Blue Man 2: The main goal of the show is for people to connect and share the experience together.

Blue Man 1: Some people don't "get it". We try to look in their soul and connect and they are totally removed from the experience of it all.

Greg: In order to become a Blue Man what would you say you must learn?

Blue Man 3: You really have to look at people. The training is in New York and I would get on the subway and just look at people. I don't mean in a creepy way, but in opening yourself up to people. See the beauty in them.

Blue Man 1: You'd be surprised if you look at people without staring; but just see people for who they are, you will find that they are warm and friendly.

Blue Man 3: I get loss in members of the audience eyes all the time. I look at them and then remember I'm on stage and I have to get back to what I'm suppose to be doing at the time.

Greg: Are you planning a Blue Man Movie or television show?

Blue Man 1: Not that we know of.

Blue Man 2: But if something came up in the future that we felt really good about we might consider the project.

Greg: I know that my friends wanted me to ask you. Are the Blue Men related to the Smurfs?

(All three Blue Man look at each other)

Blue Man 1, 2 and 3: No, No not at all!

Blue Man 1: We are in the new music video for Terminator 3 which features one of our songs.

Blue Man 2: You know Matt, Phil and Chris were dissatisfied with the way the theater was going in the late 80'ies so they developed the show and made the Blue Man use objects in an entire new way. A way that they weren't intended to be used originally.

Greg: Like garbage cans for drums?

Blue Man 3: Exactly.

Blue Man 1: The Blue Man is naive and he is open to anything. Just like a child, he looks at the world with wonderful new vision. He sees things differently.

Blue Man2: Some people might think that the Blue Man is dumb; but actually he looks at things honestly and with an open heart.

Greg: So are you saying the Blue Man is open to things like kids are open to new experiences.

Blue Man 1: Yes, because children have wonderful imaginations and they look at objects and think "What can I do with this?"

Greg: In closing, is there one word of wisdom that you would like the kids to know about The Blue Man Group?

Blue Man 2: I think what Blue Man Group is trying to say to kids is be aware of how you see the world innocently and through your imagination and don't make judgments about people.

Blue Man 3: Be nice to people because we are all different kind of people but inside we are all the same.

Blue Man 1: Stay with an open heart and an open mind and bring that to the show when you see us . Just be free and play and enjoy yourself along with us.

The Blue men had to go get into their wardrobe and make-up for the show. We shook hands and I told them how much fun it had been to speak with them in person.

So kids if you want to have the time of your life come to Las Vegas and catch the Blue Man Group and Celine Dion. I don't know about you but I'm putting part of the money I earn working at Subways on the weekend away now. I want to visit Las Vegas again and again. I want to stay longer next time and I also want to see both Blue Man Group and Celine Dion again.

Your friend,
Gregory Scott

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