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Halle Berry as Storm in X-MenDo you know what it takes to be a Real Life Superhero? Stan 'The Man' Lee, creator of an ever-expanding universe of superheroes including Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Silver Surfer, has some mighty words of wisdom on the subject. So stop wondering and start learning from the world's greatest authority on superheroes, the living legend himself, Stan Lee, in this awesome, amazing, fantastic and exclusive CyberSpacers Interview.

Stanley Martin Lieber was only 16 when he went to work for Marvel Comics. Of course at that time (World War II was just getting started) the name 'Marvel' had not been born. His cousin's husband owned what was then called Timely Comics. The future comic-book king's first writing job was a two-page text filler piece in the super patriotic Captain America No. 3. The youngster had big dreams and decided to sign it "Stan Lee" because he hoped someday to be writing the Great American Novel, and he didn't want to use his real name on "mere, humble comic strips." Years later he would be credited with the heroic deed of saving the industry. Indeed, the name Stan Lee was destined to become THE most famous in comic-book history.

Stan Lee X-Men CreatorIt all began when his early career took an unexpected turn. The creators of Captain America, editor Joe Simon and artist Jack Kirby, left Timely Comics for rival publisher, DC, who had a star-studded lineup of new superheroes, including Superman and Batman. So at the ripe old age of 18, Stan became Timely's 'temporary' editor and chief writer. But the job became his to keep as prolific Stan churned out stories ranging from Westerns to Horror to Romance. The future held great promise for the young man with the super imagination and an unflagging exuberance, who had grown up in poverty in New York.

However, like millions of other unsung heroic Americans, Stan's career was interrupted by the war. He left his job, and joined the Army. He yearned for combat duty, but recognizing his talent, the Army had him write training films, manuals and other papers that no doubt helped win the conflict. After the war, Stan returned to Timely Comics, and began his personal precarious march toward fame, fortune and immortality.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-MenStan makes cameos in the films based on his comic-book stars. He's appeared as the security guard in "Hulk," an old man at crossing in "Daredevil," a hot dog vendor in "X-Men," with Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman the sunglasses vendor in "Spider-Man" - and with more films on the way - he'll be in those, too! And despite the astonishing fact that he is busier now than at any time in his illustrious, roller-coaster ride of a career, Stan 'The Man' has the taken time to speak out here on the important issue of being a Real Life Superhero, exclusively for you, @CyberSpacers.

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