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Stan Lee After serving with distinction, Stan came back from the Army with undaunted ambition. He knew what he wanted to do with his talent. That is, continue to write, and to create something that would be both successful, and worthwhile. Perhaps not even Stan could have imagined that a few years later, he would be credited with rescuing the faltering comic-book industry, and helping comics achieve acceptance as an American art form. Ultimately, Stan would bring to comics, television and motion pictures, a new brand of superhero that would change entertainment forever.

The name Timely Comics gave way to Atlas Comics. And then, it was Marvel Comics. But Stan’s success wasn’t easily achieved. At one point, the newly renamed Marvel, as well as most all comics in the business, came close to extinction. DC and other major publishers raised their prices to make up for faltering sales, but few were buying it.

Around that time, Stan went public, becoming the spokesperson for Marvel, and in a larger sense, the Goodwill Ambassador for the entire comic-book industry. “The word, ‘Marvel’ is well, simply marvelous,” Stan tells CyberSpacers. “I enjoyed dreaming up ad slogans and promoting it. I appeared on TV news programs, was interviewed for magazines and lectured on university campuses everywhere. Meanwhile, working with a great team, I enjoyed the characters we were creating. But most of all I’ve always loved and appreciated the loyal fans who’ve been there through thick and thin.”

Indeed, the fans adore Stan, and his signature dark sunglasses. His quick wit, charm, great speaking voice and energetic manner endeared ‘The Man’ first as a cult superhero, and now as a genuine show biz legend. Still, Stan’s personal world has never changed. He remains devoted to the love of his life, wife Joanie, and their daughter, and family.

Stan Lee is credited with putting the ‘human’ into the phrase “Super-Human.” The impressive list of Marvel characters he began creating in the 1960s, and he’s still going strong, introduced the idea of real people becoming super-human. And, here’s Stan’s Secret Formula for successful comic-book writing: 1) Have a Provocative Beginning; 2) Use Smooth Continuity from Panel to Panel; 3) Use Realistic Dialogue to Create Good Characterization; 4) Maintain Suspense; and 5) Provide a Satisfactory Ending.

Stan’s superheroes are for the most part, regular folks who have superpowers thrust on them. For example, Dr. Bruce Banner, an ordinary doctor, transforms into the ‘Incredible Hulk’ and back again. Peter Parker, an ordinary teenager who is not sure what to do with super-powers, becomes ‘Spider-Man.’ X-Men, of course, are normal teenagers, but with mutant genes that gives them their super-human qualities.

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