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The X-MenThese days, Stan's more busy, successful and happy than at any time in his entire career. In the last few years - and he's already working on the next few - the very young at heart comic-book king has become an exceptional Executive Producer of sure-fire hit movies. These include: 'Spider-Man' (2002), 'The Hulk' (2003), 'Spider-Man II' (2004), 'X2, X-Men United' (2003), 'Fantastic Four' (2004), and 'Iron Man' (2005).

On top of all this, Stan recently formed POW! Entertainment. POW stands for 'Purveyors of Wonder.' The company creates live action and animated films and TV series. Like a magnet, Stan is able to attract the biggest names in show business to his projects. For example, fans still rave about David Hasselhoff appearing in Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. And now, POW's first animated show, 'Stripperella,' intended for adults, features the enchanting voice and likeness of 'Bay Watch' star Pamela Anderson. See the promo for Stripperella with Stan Lee and Pam Anderson:

Cartooned Pamela Anderson as StripperellaBut meanwhile, back to the mainstream audience: Stan is set to dream up a whole new galaxy of heroes under a partnership with leading kids entertainment company DIC. POW! and DIC's 'The Stan Lee Universe' is developing 'The Secret of the Super Six' - a superhero based animated series with a strong humanitarian message. And, guess what! Stan 'The Man' himself will be featured as a key superhero character!

"The new series is about a group of super-powered alien teens who are chased here by their enemies in space," Stan tells CyberSpacers in this exclusive interview. "The teens are befriended by a reclusive cartoonist, yours truly - Stan Lee." Stan continues:

"The cartoonist then becomes the sixth member of the group. His main job is to help this unlikely band of heroes learn what it means to be proper and kind human beings. All the while, powerful sinister forces from this world, and their home planet, seek to stop the teens from accomplishing good for other people and the Earth."

Stan has been featured as an animated version of himself on prior shows including 'The Simpsons' - but has never before been a continuing character in a series. Stan explains: "Being myself in this new show appeals to me because it's something that I have not done in the past. And who would not enjoy doing great things they haven't done before?

"So, now, I too, become a super hero," Stan reveals here for the first time. "And the best part about all this is that anyone, even YOU - by doing good for others, and yourself - can become a super hero, too."

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