'N SYNC's J.C., JUSTIN, LANCE, & many more
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When 'NSYNC's LANCE BASS was in the hot seat opposite Regis Philbin on ABC's 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' in May, he got stuck on the $125,000 question. Playing as a celebrity contestant for charity - the 21 year-old deep-voice singer of rock's chart-busting band knew he was in trouble.

Lance BassAsked to name the airfield Charles Lindbergh took off from in his historic nonstop solo flight from New York to Paris - Lance needed expert help. Using the 'phone-a-friend lifeline' - he called his former 'NSYNC high school tutor, Chuck Yerger.

With 20 years experience in public schools, and about 10 at Disney, Nickelodeon and other production companies where he taught English, social studies, government, etc. to show-biz kids - Yerger was the perfect choice. Still, being Lance's 'lifeline' on network TV spelled P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E.

"It was the most terrifying 30 seconds of my life," Chuck admits from his Orlando-area Florida home in this exclusive interview.

"I knew there was a chance Lance might need my help. But when the phone actually rang - the reality set in big time.

"I suddenly realized that I wasn't just Lance Bass' 'old high school teacher,' I was his 'expert' tutor. And to top it off, the category question was about history, one of my specialties, a subject I taught him."

'Mr. Yerger,' as his famous former students respectfully call him, is much more than your average teacher. During the '90s he tutored many young performers who've become today's hottest new Superstars.

"It's no coincidence that you must consider Mr. Yerger the Superstar Tutor," says Alan Simon, owner/principal of On Location Education. For over two decades, OLE has been the industry leader in providing tutors for show-biz kids.

The law says minor age performing kids must receive at least three hours of schooling a day, five days a week. "But they can't always hit the books in a classroom setting," Simon explains. "Chuck has the ability to get the kids to zero in on their studies no matter where they are."

Ex-Mouseketeer, Tony Lucca agrees:

Tony Lucca"It didn't matter if we were at a hotel, in a trailer, at the beach or backstage about to perform for a huge crowd. There was something special about the way Mr. Yerger presented the curriculum that silently demanded our attention until the last possible moment we were given to work with him. The way he dedicated his time and attention only made it fair that we return ours. He was our MousekeTutor."

"Chuck is a teacher's teacher - a consultant, he teaches teachers how to teach," says Alan Simon. "But above all, he enjoys tutoring - and connects with performing kids in a manner that sets the standard for others."

Indeed! Besides LANCE, the list of Yerger-tutored stars reads like a who's who of the most popular and successful of today's performers, including:

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