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"Lance, Justin and J.C. were all good students," Mr. Yerger proudly says of his multi-talented former pupils who went on to form 'NSYNC.

Superstar Tutor Chuck Yerger"Overall, performing youngsters are like students anywhere. Some are better in English than math, some better in math than science and so on," he tells

"The big difference is that these kids were eager to learn, motivated by their families and friends - and willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. And despite the age and grade-level differences, because they lived in the same area and did the same things, something quite magical happened - they bonded as real-life friends.

"That friendship evolved into a very special kind of star support system," Chuck confides. "Today, even as their schedules may keep them apart - you have this close-knit group of young celebrities who stay in touch through email, telephone and even attending each other's events - being there for one another on a constant basis.

"There's also a competitive spirit between them," he explains, "success is the name of the game. Who's selling more records, packing more arenas, those kinds of things mean a lot.

"But what's also important to them is each other. Their lives and careers are connected because of the friendship that took root when they were kids and now is blossoming as they mature.

"Their fans are right to admire them because these young stars truly appreciate and care about other people."

L2R: Marc Worden, Marianne Ward, Tony Lucca, Keri Russell, J. C. Chasez, Rhona Bennett, Chuck YergerTony Lucca graduated with J.C., Felicity's Keri Russell, David Marc Worden and Rhona Bennett. As a Mouseketeer he worked with Britney, Justin and Christina when they were still in puberty. Now diligently building his music career, Tony enjoys a loyal following, fast growing fan base, strong Internet presence, - and is well on his way to becoming a major star.

Tony reveals his feelings about the most special 'Star Support Group' in show business:

"There's definitely an '-ism' that I would say has attached itself to the circle of support that only we ex-Mouseketeers have the fortune of sharing.

"I would say the older we get and the further away from the whole 'Mouseketeer' experience - the more we're able to understand the strength of our connection. Obviously, some of us had a bit more in common with each other than how everybody was portrayed to have on the show.

"Mostly it was age related differences - keeping in mind that some of us were 18-19 during the last season, working side by side with 12-13 year olds.

"We were all peers to an extent, but didn't always have as much to share with each other. Keri, J.C., the older kids and I spent good times together. Britney, Justin, Ryan, Christina and the other younger cast mates were enjoying the beauty of early adolescence together.

"Now of course, age does seem rather irrelevant, as it always tends to become the older we get."

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