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Chuck Yerger recalls Tony's 'Eye for Art' project:

Tony Lucca"Tony was a superb artist. In his junior year he had to create art from non-art materials. He made a woman's huge eye on cardboard using multi-colored pushpins.

"To us it looked complete, but Tony kept adding or moving pins around. After about 5 days we all gathered as he switched the placement of two pins, stepped back and said 'Finally - it's done!'

"And yes, he was right! It suddenly came to life. It was breathtaking."

Reminiscing about some of his other students, Chuck tells

"I taught Justin and J.C. through their entire time on The Mickey Mouse Club. My teaching Justin, however, went beyond the Mouse Club because he was the youngest.

"Justin was in the 8th grade when we began. The MMC ended around the time the boys were starting 'NSYNC. Justin was in his sophomore year. So he could earn his diploma, I worked with him on weekends at his home in Orlando."

But Justin's appetite wasn't just for education, says his tutor. "That kid loves cereal more than anyone I know. I would arrive at his house early in the morning, and he'd meet me at the kitchen or living room table.

"He'd take a huge bowl, the kind you use to make a cake, open a box of cereal and just about empty it into the bowl - then pour in a full quart of milk. While I started the lessons, Justin would hold the bowl next to his mouth and wolf down the cereal in world record-breaking time with a ladle-size spoon!"

However, Justin's tutor tells the youngest member of 'NSYNC also had a thirst for knowledge.

Chuck Yerger and Justin Timberlake"Justin was eager to learn," Chuck explains. "He's got real drive, is conscientious and focused. And, he's blessed with parents who not only encouraged his talent - they taught him the rules for proper behavior, how to respect yourself by respecting others.

"Justin, and for that matter most all the kids, were polite to each other and their elders. They always called me 'Mr. Yerger' - and still do!"

Despite Justin's 'NSYNC success he's never lost his Tennessee-bred southern-style polite attitude. Chuck beams with sincere pride when he says:

"Not only Justin - all of the kids I was fortunate enough to tutor - are great role models for their generation."

Still, Chuck reveals an incident when Justin slipped, but his mom was there to catch him. "My wife, Sherry, was at Justin's house with me," he recalls. "The kids' courtesy extended to all adults. They called my wife, 'Ms. Sherry.'

"But when Justin just said 'Sherry' - his mother heard it, and yelled aloud at him -'Justin!' in a way only a mother could convey. Without his mother having to say another word, Justin quickly said: 'I'm sorry, 'Ms. Sherry.' "

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