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J.C. Chasez became a Mouseketeer when he was in the 10th grade. Chuck tells "With his ever-active creative mind, J.C. devised his own unique way to organize his thoughts.

JC Chasez"J.C. built himself a little basketball-type wire net, set it up on a book shelf near his desk. When he needed to think, he would crumble up a piece of paper, push his chair back from his desk, and shoot the paper up toward the shelf - right into the basket.

"When I first noticed him tossing wads, I said, 'Oh, come on, J.C., quit playing around and do your schoolwork.'

"Then he explained, 'I'm not playing, Mr. Yerger, I'm thinking!' and I knew it was his special way of saving, organizing his thoughts.

"J.C. showed outstanding ability with accounting. In fact, he excelled in it so much - he actually helped me explain it to his classmates.

"While some of the other kids struggled - J.C. would take a look at rows of figures, and in a few moments figure out where a mistake was being made," says Chuck.

"His 'NSYNC buddies are fortunate to have him in the band. Besides being a great talent - here's a guy who can make sure the books are balanced."

While teaching freshman through senior levels, Chuck was also tutoring the new, young MMCers including Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Chuck remembers the two young singing divas as exceptionally bright, down-to-earth kids.

"Their curriculum was simpler than that of the older students because they were in grades 6-8 when I taught them," he tells

Britney Spears"While the 9th-12th graders were doing algebra, geometry, trigonometry and British Literature - Britney and Christina were still learning spelling rules, basic geography and arithmetic.

Chuck describes young Britney and Christina as 'earnest young children.' "Both of those little girls were somewhat awed by it all," he says.

"The older Mouseketeers were their stars, their idols and their heroes." Chuck adds: "They also were their friends."

"Britney and Christina got 'adopted' by the bigger kids - taken under their wing, so to speak. As youngsters they naturally looked up to the older kids and wanted to be like them.

"When Britney, Christina, and Justin came into the MMC the other kids had already been there a few years. Justin was bigger physically, but he, Britney and Christina were innocent little kids."

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