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Chuck tells he gets a bit miffed when he hears criticism about Britney showing too much midriff for 'image' when she performs. She's not showing off her tummy for attention, he explains.

Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Cristina Aguilera"That is Britney's style, the way she has always dressed," Chuck says, "it just helps her feel more comfortable.

"I read in an interview where Britney admitted that she sweats a lot - and wearing the shorter tops simply allows her to keep cooler.

"This is completely true," he says matter-of-factly. "Pictures don't lie. Britney dressed like that long before she was concerned with 'image.'

"When she was 11, Britney was cute, wholesome, the girl-next-door type. She was an exceptional dancer and singer, but then so were all the kids. Who could've imagined back then that our little Britney would become the star she is today.

"Very close to her wonderful mother, Britney has always been devoted to her family," Chuck recalls.

"She also treasured her friends and teachers back in Louisiana. When doing her schoolwork, Britney was concerned that she did it exactly the way her teachers back home would have wanted her to.

"I can best describe the young Britney as sweet, charming, smart and superbly talented. Come to think of it, she hasn't changed much, has she," her tutor smiles.

Chuck remembers Christina as "a small, waif-like girl with very, very long straight blonde hair.

"The producers wanted her hair to have a certain curl. So the first thing she had to do on production days was go to the stylist to have her hair rolled up. She did a lot of her schoolwork with her hair in those big pink rollers - which only came off a few moments before going before the cameras or an audience.

"But Christina's voice was totally awesome even then," Chuck recalls. "Here was this little thin kid, hair rollers being the biggest thing about her - belting out a song. When she sang, we looked at each other in amazement - wondering how she was able to project such a tremendous sound.

"When they heard that powerful voice coming from that little body, visitors wrongly assumed they were using electronics to enhance her overwhelming sound."

With Disney and Nickelodeon located close together, the kid stars from the two studios got to know one another. Chuck tells

Melissa Joan Hart"Britney met Melissa Joan Hart when she was doing 'Clarissa Explains It All' - before she became 'Sabrina'. Although there was a few years age difference between them, they eventually became best of friends. Melissa has appeared in Britney's music videos, and Britney has been on Melissa's show. This is an example of how all these young superstars continue to help each other.

"That friendship is a key magic ingredient of their successful careers. Kids everywhere can profit in their own lives by following the fine example of loyalty, honesty, respect and the spirited, good-natured competition between friends.

"They're like one big, happy family. You hear how Britney is going to be doing a show with 'NSYNC; how Nikki DeLoach's friendship with J.C. and Justin led to her joining the all-girl group, Innosense; how Ryan 'Young Hercules' Gosling just signed on with Justin's mom's entertainment company, etc., etc.

"A solid education is very essential. Having true friends is a blessing. Combine those two factors and your chance for success increases greatly," Chuck confides to

"Lance Bass came to Florida from Mississippi in his last year of school to audition for 'NSYNC - when they were still trying to form the group.

"Lance's school records were sent with him. Between band rehearsals, constant practice and lots of hard work, I helped him finish up his term and graduate.

"That's how I became his tutor - and wound up as his 'Millionaire' lifeline," explains Chuck.

"Luckily when he called I knew the right answer - Charles Lindbergh took off from 'Roosevelt Field'. I was thrilled to help Lance win $125,000 for 'NSYNC's charity - Challenge for the Children.

"When I hear about all the good they are doing, I'm filled with pride. I couldn't be happier if these were my very own kids," says the Superstar tutor.

"After all, to me - and to each other - they are just like family."

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