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While there are many families that choose to accept this lack of schooling as "the way it is," Sarah and her mom made it a point of supplementing Sarah's schoolwork with on-set tutoring throughout the course of her workday.

Sarah's mother felt school was too important to ignore just because the union hadn't gotten around to battling this issue with the producers. Thus, the Gellar family took it upon themselves to make sure that Sarah completed high school with topnotch grades.

Education meant so much to Keri Russell, J.C. Chasez, Marc Worden, Tony Lucca and Rhona Bennett that they paused in the course of taping "The Mickey Mouse Club" to allow themselves to graduate from high school at a wonderful graduation ceremony held on-stage at the Disney-MGM studios in Orlando.

Justin Timberlake received his diploma this May during a concert in Kansas City. His mom flew his favorite high school tutor to the show to acknowledge the hard work that he had put into getting his diploma, at a time when most students in Justin's position might have said, " What do I need to graduate from high school for?"

There are many other examples of the hard work that young professionals put into their schooling and their performing. These are just a few, but you can learn from their example - and apply the importance of education and dedication to your own life.

Have all young performers finished high school? No, they haven't. But the most balanced and successful ones have.

Let me share this story with you of another very well known child performer who was studying math with his on-set teacher. This young man was a major name at the time of this incident, huge in terms of popularity and the money he was making as a movie star.

He was in the midst of his lesson with the teacher, when he looked at her and said coldly, "I really don't have to know this math junk, you know. Someday, I'm going to have an accountant watching my money for me."

Without missing a beat, the teacher answered back: "That may be true. But how will you know you're not being cheated - that you're getting everything you worked so hard to earn - if you can't do the simple arithmetic?" The youngster finished his homework without another word.

Finding that right balance is the key to being a success in life. CyberSpacers, no matter what your career goal may be - a good education, hard work and dedication - really can make your dreams come true.

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