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Friendship can make you feel secure, and it also can be emotionally helpful. Says Jenn: "A few years later, I had some questions about particular religious beliefs and I knew Mylin had some experience with the subject, so I gave her a call. I was in Florida, she was in California, and I had forgotten about the time difference. I woke her up at 4 a.m.! She stayed on the phone with me anyway, and we talked about my concerns for over an hour.

Jennifer and Justin Timberlake"She was there when I needed her, even though it was inconvenient for her. That is another quality of a true friend: SELFLESSNESS. And Mylin Brooks has always been one of the most generous and selfless of us all.

"Justin and I got to be good friends during the last season of MMC," says Jenn of her friendship with Justin Timberlake of 'NSYNC. "School could be overbearing because it was such a small environment, and sometimes we were each other's only escape from that.

"Justin and I would 'hide out' in the school's computer room while I practiced my typing and he read his book," she remembers fondly. "We would just sit for hours and share stories and secrets about our lives and ask each other all sorts of questions.

She and Justin were 'there' for one another from the beginning, explains Jennifer in this exclusive CyberSpacersTM interview. "There were times when I didn't feel 'cool' or pretty, but I knew that Justin would tell me that I was, without me asking. I think we were very important to each other's self esteem during that last season just 'being there' for each other."

Jennifer also counts 'NSYNC's JC Chasez as another close friend from the unique group of former MMC Mousketeers. "From JC, I learned a lot about being passionate about music and being humble," she says. "JC and I were not close in the sense that we hung out a lot, but I spent many years with him on MMC. I had such a respect for his talent that I always paid extra attention when he performed.

Lindsey, JC Chasez, Matt and Jennifer"JC comes off quite sheepish and quiet, yet when he gets on stage or in the recording studio, this energy consumes him and everyone around him. He was like that ever since I met him, back when we were only 13 or 14 and neither of us knew how to sing 'professionally,'" says Jenn, whose own career is going strong. "People say, 'You either got it or you don't'. JC was a natural talent from the beginning. The thing I remember that set him apart from many of the other 'natural talents' was his humility, his now-famous quiet side.

"JC never expected anyone to compliment him, and if they did, he was usually surprised. He never assumed that he should be in the spotlight or be #1. And he certainly didn't act like he was better than anyone else," states Jenn sincerely. "JC showed me that ego does not automatically come with talent."

Jennifer McGill takes friendship seriously. "Regarding friendship, someone can influence you in a positive way like JC Chasez influenced me, and neither of you even know it," she explains. "Someone can earn your friendship simply by giving you inspiration and being a guide for your life from afar. You might not be 'best friends' with someone who greatly influences you. But their impact on your life is valuable because of the quality of ENCOURAGEMENT that certain people and your 'true friends' are able to give you.

"True friends can encourage each other to be the best they can be, whether or not it is intentional, just by living by example.

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