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"Tony and I had an 'I know' relationship," Jenn smiles when explaining her longtime friendship with music star Tony Lucca. "It was an unsaid agreement that, 'I know you're cute and talented and smart and wonderful, so there's really no point in bringing it up.' We had instant respect and understanding. I always joked that if he wasn't such a big brother to me, I'd probably marry him because I knew that at least we'd be able to make music together even when we're 90 years old," reveals Jenn.

Tony Lucca"Tony and I did not hang out a lot after work either. But from the first day we met, we were each other's fans. For example, one time there was a piano on the MMC set that was going to be used in an upcoming musical number. Tony and I were walking past it and he sat down on the piano bench, started playing I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt, and said to me, 'Well Jenn?'

"Wordlessly, I walked to his side at the piano and sang the song as he played. I don't remember if anyone was watching us or listening, because we were in our own little world of music in that moment. Tony and I knew that if Tony plays, Jenn will sing. We will always be able to make music together. There is a great joy in sharing the gift of music with a friend."

To elaborate on the idea of an "unspoken understanding" between the unique group of 38 former Mouseketeers, Jennifer says: "That is what I believe to be the glue that unites every single Mouseketeer to each other. There is a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself -- a group that became connected through memories created out of our immense love for performing. If someone asks me, 'How many kids can you reminisce with about 6 and a half years of your teenage life on television?' my answer would be, 'Oh, about 37.' That's a little bigger than one classroom of students.

"Out of those, I only shared the whole six-and-a-half years with two, Lindsey and Josh Ackerman. Bottom line, 38 kids who went through the same experience of growing up and being immersed in performing on a 5-day-a-week television show. They share something that no one else can completely relate to. That is, speaking a specific entertainment language during a sensitive developmental time in our lives, better known as puberty!

"Through the rough times and the rewarding times, the Mouseketeers were all in it together, whether we liked it or not. We belonged to a club that only had a total of 38 members in the whole world - 'The New Mickey Mouse Club'. The 'unspoken understanding' of the uniqueness of our experience ties us together because we will never meet anyone else who's been through exactly what we've been through," explains Jennifer McGill in this exclusive interview for all CyberSpacersTM.

"Being in the public eye puts a unique pressure on an individual. Growing up in the public eye is even more stressful, and every Mouseketeer knows what I'm talking about."

The 'growing up years' are a time of pressure and stress all kids go through, whether they're famous or not. But imagine the added stain and tension of having your private life examined under the microscope of the public eye. Jennifer McGill explains:

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears"People often comment to me about Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears dating and say things like 'how cheesy is that?' Some people seem jealous that two such beautiful, rich, successful young people would be so lucky to be together and some think Justin is too good for Britney, and vice-versa.

"Also, it seems that the tabloids have inspired the world to make fun of everything having to do with Britney - her body, music, brains, moral choices, wardrobe - the list goes on and on. Leaving all personal opinions aside, I'd like to suggest a different point of view.

"Justin and Britney met each other when they were 11 and 12, and instantly had a connection with each other," says friend of each, Jennifer McGill. "Both kids were huge fans of MMC before they made it onto the show, and both kids were so disappointed when the show ended only two seasons after they were cast.

"Not only did they lose their new jobs, but all their new friends and role models from the show. Justin and Britney begin to pursue their individual careers and ended up in the same social circle of stardom a few years later. All of a sudden, the media began to attack, and the public soon followed.

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