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Typically, the star of 'Malcolm' has three hours of school every day on the set, one-on-one with his teacher in his own classroom and an hour to an hour-and-a-half of homework to do at night.

Frankie Muniz"On top of that, he also has to learn his lines for the next day's filming, but he never fails to come through," says Miss Jensen. "Frankie is a very bright and curious student. One of his best qualities as a student and a person is the caliber of the questions he asks. And I will tell you just like I tell him: 'No question is ever a stupid question, and pencils come with erasers, because mistakes are often your best teachers,'" Miss Jensen reveals.

She continues: "Frankie loves to learn and enjoys discussion. I think this helps him to see things from a multiple of perspectives. It helps him to get a larger world-view and a more compassionate view of life."

With his appetite for learning, and not being able to use public libraries because of his schedule - Frankie has become a whiz at computer research. "My favorite subject is Geography, and I use," he says. "My toughest assignment ever was my World History final exam last year.

"For all the papers that I write in school I use Microsoft Word, and Encarta to do my research," he adds.

"I first used a computer when I was 12," he tells CyberSpacers, "my friend Kevin taught me the basics. Actually, like many other kids, the first thing I learned was how to play computer games. Talking to people online, using e-mail and chat rooms were next."

Frankie is a responsible cyber-citizen, spending his online time wisely. Though he always displays appropriate online behavior, he can't say the same for some people he encounters on the Web.

"The best things about computers and the Internet is that you can keep in touch with people all over the world. Being able to chat with dozens of people at a time is great!" he exclaims. However, Frankie warns other CyberSpacers, there is a down side: "The worst thing about chat rooms is that you never know who you are really talking to. People pretend to be me and say stuff that I would never say," he says, not at all amused by hoaxers.

Besides schoolwork and communication, when he can find time, Frankie also uses his computer for fun and to pursue his hobbies. A huge fan of the LA Clippers basketball team (he's on a first-name basis with most of the players, and dreams of one day being an owner of the team) he visits their Web site ( for the latest statistics. A great athletic himself, Frankie is an avid golfer (his grandfather started him at age five) - and he excels at basketball.

"I love playing in the Clippers NBA Entertainment League," he says enthusiastically. "We have games every Sunday until the regular season finishes, then our playoffs go for five weeks at Staples Center. I play point guard.

"Besides visiting the Clippers online, I like and," Frankie tells CyberSpacers. "And right now, my favorite computer game is 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire.'"

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