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Sensible, dependable and a lot of fun to be around is how those who know him best describe Frankie. And though he works continuously (his voice is heard in a variety of animated programs including Nickelodeon's 'The Fairly Odd Parents,' and as a guest on Fox's hit comedy series 'The Simpsons') - he realizes there is a transition ahead from teen to adult star.

Franki MunizWhile he wants to stay in show business for as long as he can, Frankie realizes that with acting you really don't know what's going to happen. That's why he already has back up plans for a college education.

"I'm into the possibility of becoming a Geographer," Frankie says, "because you have to prepare for the future. But I'm also a drummer, love music, and being a pro golfer would be great. My computer helps me consider all the possibilities."

"He doesn't have a lot of free time, so he must use it wisely, including his online time," Frankie's studio teacher explains. "He is amazing, because he can be performing a scene on set, and then the moment he enters the classroom he just switches his mental gears into school mode. His ability to shift those gears and focus in amazes me!"

Frankie's talent and popularity, combined with his responsible behavior and excellent work ethic have made him a role model for his generation. And his terrific personality and good looks, (he is Italian, Irish and Puerto Rican) have made him a heartthrob. Although from time to time he's been linked romantically with various starlets, there's no one special girl in his life right now.

"At this moment, I don't have a girlfriend," Frankie says. "I'm almost always working, and I do a whole lot of traveling. I live in both California and New Jersey, so I wouldn't get to see her enough, and that would be unfair for her as well as for me."

Focusing on his career and schooling are full time jobs, and he takes the responsibilities of each very seriously. His own official Web site is - "But there isn't much there yet, because I simply haven't had the time. But there will be soon," Frankie promises.

The 'Malcolm' star says he learned a lot about acting and the kind of person he would like to be when he had the chance to work with two of his idols, Michael J. Fox and Kevin Bacon. And he offers this advice to other CyberSpacers:

"It's important to learn the keyboard so you can access the web without really having to worry about the typing part. And, of course, always 'Respect & Protect YOUR Internet!'"

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