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Aaron Carter, the teenage pop sensation and younger brother of the Backstreet Boys rock superstar Nick Carter, lives with his family in his own private amusement park on a 15-acre estate in the Florida Keys . And for Aaron’s fans, CyberSpacers presents several first-time ever photos of the tropical paradise the Carter family calls home.

"It's like a big playground," says pop superstar Aaron Carter of the 15-acre Florida Keys beachfront compound he shares with his mother, Jane, father, Bob, twin sister, Angel, a menagerie of family pets (including 16 dogs, three cats and two birds), and, older brother Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. In fact, the property is so spacious the Carter family uses a stable of golf carts to get around the fabulous beachside estate.

Aaron Charles Carter has nicknames. His family and friends often call him A.C., Air Boy, Big “A” or Ronnie. He followed his brother Nick into the world of pop-star fame and fortune. Since his first single Crush on You, he's sold over 10 million record albums around the world. However, above all, all he loves the privacy the Keys afford him.


"I have the whole bottom of the house," Aaron says, referring to his private apartment inside the family estate. And because he has a penchant for wildlife motifs and Nintendo games, Aaron’s room isn't covered with the typical teenage posters. Amongst his interests, Aaron has a great collection of model trucks and he enjoys a challenging game of chess.



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