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"We talk like three hours a day," he admits of his phone chats with Hilary. "We don't e-mail, but I'm trying to convince her to visit."

In addition to traveling the country this summer (2003) on his nationwide Jukebox Tour, which is set to kick off in June in Georgia, Aaron is always reading scripts and considering roles he would like to play in feature films.



Aaron is understandably proud of his own home apartment on the family's 15-acre property. He says his bedroom is like most other teenager’s room, except for the walls, which aren't covered in typical teen-fare posters.
"I don't really have any room for them," he says modestly. (Yeah, no kidding – all those gold records can sure take up a lot of space!)

There's an eight-year age difference between Aaron, 15, and Nick, 23, but there's a special bond between the two sensational singing brothers.

"Nick has always helped me out and supported me," says Aaron, who got his start opening for the Backstreet Boys before he turned 10. More recently, older sister, Leslie, a fabulous talent in her own right, opened shows for Aaron!

These days, Nick also lives in his own house on the compound. He calls it "the Tiki House." The gorgeous beach-front villa on the 15-acre family compound resembles a south Pacific dwelling.


When they can, the brothers go boating or ride their motocross bikes together. Aaron acknowledges he owes his success to Nick:

"If he wasn't a singer, then I wouldn't be either," he tells CyberSpacers .
"I feel really lucky to have him as my brother."

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