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Stars Justin Bieber and Ellie Smith are teenage singing-songwriting sensations with a lot in common. 'Born to Be Somebody' Justin Bieber is no bully, but his hot track backs ads for the film, "Bully", at the same time Ellie Smith wages her own spot-on anti-bullying campaign with her phenomenal theme song, 'Don't Let It Get to You'.

Ellie SmithAs we know from the headlines, videos and victims themselves, bullying can happen to almost anyone, at any time and anywhere. And while there have always been bullies, the problem has spun out of control from school grounds and cyberspace and into public consciousness in the digital age.

A victim of bullying for more than four years, 15 year-old teen entertainer, Ellie Smith, finally decided she wasnít going to take it anymore, and now tells others - "Donít Let It Get to You!" -- which is also the title of the hot campaign theme song she wrote.

"I was bullied increasingly from about mid-year of grade 4, thru grade 8," Ellie tells CyberSpacers in this exclusive interview.

"By then Iíd been completely ostracized by all my friends except for two, both of whom eventually Ďcavedí to their need to fit with the so-called Ďin-groupí and turned on me, as well."

The mega-talented Las Vegas teen has dazzled audiences with her singing, acting, and performances starting at a very young age. However, the excellent student, a National Jr. Honor Society honoree reveals the bullying she endured was on emotional, social, and even the physical level on a few occasions.

And if you think this only happens in public schools, think again. "I was in a private, faith-based school," Ellie explains. "Like the lyrics say in my song: DONíT LET IT GET TO YOU -- itís getting over here, itís getting over there, itís getting EVERYWHERE..."

Justin Bieber admits, he was bullied, too. Emotionally, for Ellie, the bullying was constant:

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