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"I was called names by classmates, teased, and if I showed that it bothered me, they were delighted.

"I was always purposefully chosen last for participation games, sports teams, etc., even though I am a very good athlete."

Socially, the bullying was much more prevalent in middle school.

Ellie Smith"Groups of girls, especially the ‘in-crowd’, would exclude me, ostracize, and tease me," Ellie continues. "The payoff for them was to see if they could make me cry, or somehow humiliate me.

"Ostracism and rejection, especially by those who were friends in past years, is extremely painful. But humiliation is the cruelest of payoffs for bullies. Most kids would rather be physically bullied."

Physically, the bullying occurred less often, yet it became the turning point in Ellie’s life.

"A girl dropped a book on my head once. On another occasion in PE, some other girl blind-sided me, throwing a dodge-ball after a game, and hitting me hard in the back of the head."

That was in the 8th grade and the final straw for Ellie, who admits she couldn’t find the answer alone.

"It was such a humiliating experience I went to my parents for help that night. Their love and advice sparked the beginnings of a big change for me, finding of my self, self-esteem, and recovery," Ellie relates to cyberspacers.

"Bullies are cowards," she explains from painful experience. "People who have a good self-image don’t bully, and those with self-confidence are less likely to be bullied.

"Being a bully, or being bullied - - - Don’t Let It Get to You!!"

Since starting her anti-bullying campaign a little over a year ago, Ellie has performed dozens of in-school appearances in Las Vegas where she presents the song and speaks to students as well as parents and administrators. Also, Ellie’s campaign program is going nation-wide, and worldwide via cyberspace.

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