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A role model for her generation, the attractive, award-winning, super-talented teen, was nicknamed "The Star Spangled Girl" when she was just a child because Ellie has sung the National Anthem and "God Bless America" at dozens of pro sporting events that include Major League Baseball, NFL, and NBA teams across the United States.

Additionally, the NBA selected Ellie to sing both the Canadian and American National Anthems for the NBA Rookie All-Star Game at Staples Center in Los Angeles. An entertainer, Ellie has performed with show biz celebrities and for sports world legends. Keep up with all the latest Ellie info @ www.EllieSmith.com.

Ellieís inspiration to write-record "Donít Let It Get to You!" and to create an anti-bullying campaign came from being "different" than most other students because she was a young, successful "theater kid".

"Not fitting in, particularly with the Ďin crowdí from grades 4 thru 8 made a lasting impression on me," says Ellie.

"After I finally decided not to take it anymore, my parents and others helped me understand that the problem was not with me, but only with the bullies!

"As my belief in myself returned, I developed the song, and together with my music video team put my experience into a pop music video message for others who are victims of bullying. With that, my campaign motto became: "Make my mess my message!"

Presented at assembly settings in schools, Ellieís anti-bullying campaign program brings her face to face with other kids who need to rebuild their own self-confidence, or with the bullies who need to understand that while they may hurt others, they are actually hurting themselves.

As word spreads about the fast growing positive impact of the "Donít Let It Get to You" campaign, school counselors nation-wide have contacted Ellie for in-person presentations to their students.

"My in-school presentation begins with a brief intro," says Ellie, "followed by my music video. The kids identify with the vignette from the videoís school scene."

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