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"Then, I take the mike and walk among the students, telling the story of the video and my story of being bullied. My half hour presentation is interactive, and I involve the kids in discussions about self-esteem and the courage to ‘be yourself’.

Ellie Smith"I have been so inspired by the response of all the student, faculty and administration audiences wherever I have presented "Don’t Let It Get to You". The kids’ spontaneous participation, their enthusiasm and love -- yes, LOVE !! -- is so special to me. Many sign in on Facebook, not just to see my video, but to share, to post their comments about the message, and how much it has meant to them.

"That strength to believe in one’s self is the greatest defense against being vulnerable to bullying," the amazing Ellie informs cyberspacers.

Ellie’s campaign success ends with her audiences talking with her one-on-one, many thanking her for help in rebuilding their own self-confidence and respect. But there’s no magic formula here. According to Ellie:

"I wish my message were "magic" -- then I could bottle it and give it to every child. I saw one student’s comment on my website who said they were very inspired when they heard the message, that it helped turn their life around.

"This is all about the special value of that one student -- and that of every other boy or girl because we are ALL special and unique individuals, with our own particular talents and interests.

"And no one can ever take that away from you through bullying, excluding you, or any type of actions that are intended to make you feel ‘less than’ the special and important person you are."

When you hear the hauntingly beautiful "Don’t Let It Get to You", you know it’s about life, as well as bullying.

"The lyrics apply to everyone," Ellie tells CyberSpacers. "But the vid is specific to bullying, social bullying the most common type, the cruelty of ridicule, ostracism and rejection.

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