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"When most people think of bullying, they think of the more violent and obvious type, when a child is physically threatened or abused -- obviously a horror. But the most common form of bullying is social bullying: name calling, cyber-bullying, and ostracism by a group, where the rejected child is made to feel inadequate and inferior.

"This often intensifies, and over time, erodes self-esteem, making the child even more vulnerable to all types of bullying. The best defense against bullying is a healthy self-image, and self-esteem.

"If you have a good sense of self, you "Donít Let It Get to You", either as a bully, or being bullied," says Ellie, speaking for and to her generation.

Ellie SmithShe also reveals: "I am home-schooled, not because of bullying, but because of my travel, performances and "Donít Let It Get to You" presentation demands. While it works best for my unique situation, I donít think itís a reasonable alternative for most kids, especially those whose parents work away from home during the day. And itís not the right answer for a child whoís being bullied."

Grateful for the opportunity to reach others, and help untangle the mess that bullying has become to the current generation, Ellie adds: "Every child is unique, special and OUTSTANDING! The greatest reward is when I see kids begin to believe that!

"I have been so blessed through my anti-bullying campaign. But, hopefully, the greatest blessing of all has been to the tens of thousands of children that I have been able to speak with Ė and to those motivated to come to terms with bullies and bullying just the same as I was able to do.

"Tomorrow is built on what we do today," Ellie concludes, "and educating our young people in a SAFE AND SECURE environment is critical to the future of our nation, and the world.

"Anything short of that... Donít Let It Get to You".

**Amongst her many accolades, Ellie Smith has received the Youth in Philanthropy award, and was named to the 2012 Ten Outstanding Women in the Las Vegas Valley by the Lied Discovery Childrenís Museum, as well as being named ĎMiss Outstanding Teení Nevada Southern Counties. There is no doubt nor limit where her anti-bullying program has already taken and will further take Ellie as "Donít Let It Get to You" spins its way into the digital age and into the lives of CyberSpacers everywhere.

Writer: Stan Oliver.

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