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QUESTION: What do you get when you mix a super roller skater with a phenomenal rapper?


Robby Love Roller RapperIn case you haven't heard the news or the really great songs yet - get set for a treat because Robby Love is the Roller Rapper. And now direct from cyberspace, you're invited to meet the one-of-a-kind Rap'n'Rolling entertainer, Roller Rapper -- right here in this exclusive CyberSpacers' interview.

With all the cute girls singing "He's so fine" and they want to be his Roller Girls, the Roller Rapper is gliding right toward super-stardom, and you're along for the ride! But you don't have to just take our word for it. You can hear it for yourself with the Roller Rapper's huge MTV favorite, chart-bustin' smash: Roller Rapper listen

"I always love to skate," says Roller Rapper, Robby Love, "And I always love to sing. And, of course, I always love to entertain. So what else could I do but put it all together and share it with the world?"

Share, indeed. The Roller Love Tour for charity, sponsored in part by BluBlocker, the Original Hi-Resolution Sunglasses, makes its way across country this summer - with the Roller Rapper rapping and becoming the-first-person-ever to skate along the entire length of the world-famous Route 66.

BluBlocker's Roller Rapper BusThe Roller Rapper's tour, nicknamed the Wheel Deal is a lot of fun. The record setting, ambitious journey began at the USA Skates Roller Rink in Chicago and then will Rap'n'Roll all the way to Los Angeles after skating through various cities including Springfield IL., St. Louis, Springfield MO., Wichita, KS, Tulsa, OK., Amarillo, TX., Albuquerque, NM., Santa Fe, NM, Flagstaff, AZ., Las Vegas and Palm Springs, CA. Along the way, Robby and his team are taping the exciting events for another upcoming dynamite music video - as well as visiting children's hospitals during every stop of the tour to offer encouragement and entertainment for the kids, and to personally deliver special van loads of Roller Rapper's incredible stuffed skating bears.

The tour is a lot of fun however it has a serious side, too. "With all the current struggles in the world, the problems with family life and with youth obesity, I feel there's never been a greater need for an entertainer to present an event that is simultaneously healthy, fun and brings people together in a totally positive way," explains the Roller Rapper.

"We're also putting together a reality documentary that will feature the fantastic city and people of Chicago," says Robby Love, the Roller Rapper in this exclusive CyberSpacers' interview. "Additionally, we're doing a music video for my new single Skate.

"And very importantly, the tour raises money for St. Jude's Children's Cancer Research Center and other worthy local charities," he adds.

Originally from New York, the Roller Rapper is now a resident of Hollywood. Many record business insiders and those who've heard his hit MTV single are predicting that stardom is just around the corner for the Robby Love, and for someone on skates, that's not too far away.

Robby and the Love GirlsGrammy winner, the legendary KC of KC & The Sunshine Band, and Howard Lee Gatch, are the personal managers for the Roller Rapper. KC, who made history with 4 #l hits in one year, tells CyberSpacers: "The Roller Rapper song and video is something that is fun, upbeat, and with a wholesome message. During these serious times, people seem to enjoy and embrace positive entertainment and Roller Rapper's instant popularity -- achieving #1 on confirms that."

"My goal is to keep the entire world involved in my nostalgic and historic tour, so we're filming and posting daily video blogs on my website to highlight all of the fascinating faces and places that make Route 66 a unique travel experience," says the Roller Rapper.

Accompanying the Roller Rapper is the beautiful Love Girls - a multi-talented group of entertainers who add fun and glamour to his shows.

"This is the 80 year anniversary of Route 66 which makes it an even more special event," says Robby. "I'm trying to bring our nation together in a celebration of understanding to promote the idea of showing kindness and love unconditionally to others.

"My music can help accomplish this because it never features violence, drugs, bling-bling, or blatant sex," the Roller Rapper states proudly.


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