once upon a time, someone sang about a place where dreams come true:

Miraculously, Chelsey survived the operation, giving Kevin and Trish the time to "do something special". On June 14, 2006, three days after she turned 16, as a birthday present Chelsey received the gift of a legacy I they dedicated a newly certified Houston-based charity - Snowdrop Foundation - in her honor.

Keeping his other promise, to raise awareness and funding for Snowdrop Foundation, Kevin Kline ran his first marathon on January 14, 2007 in 3:44:56. "People asked where it came from, I said it was from me having a reason and a purpose to run. Chelsey was with me the whole time," he says without doubt.

"She was now a true angel, helping me from Heaven, having passed away on December 9, 2006. Chelsey carried me to the finish line as I had done for her, having been a pallbearer at her funeral on December 14."

Even as Kevinís radio career continues to flourish and his commitment to all the other Snowdrop Foundation youngsters and their families keeps going strong -- heís became The Marathon Voice vs. Cancer with his nonstop marathon runs.

"Iíve run in 22 states and on three continents in my quest to battle pediatric cancer. Over the past three Decembers, Iíve taken awareness and fundraising running to another level with solo ultra-FUNDurance runs," Kevin informs Cyberspacers in this exclusive interview.

"In 2009, I realized that 26.2 miles was not enough to run pediatric cancer into the ground, so I ran 482 miles across Texas in 13 days. That run raised $200,000 and is the subject of a full-length feature documentary entitled DEAR CHELSEY -- the story of how a young girl battling cancer helped a selfish man see beyond himself and inspired him to commit his life to running marathons to remember, honor, and join the fight to help kids who stare down the biggest challenge of their lives.

"In 2010, I ran 24 continuous hours on a treadmill and then immediately ran a half marathon totaling 90.15 miles in 26 hours. That run raised $15,000.

"This past December, I wanted to run 100K-A-Day for seven consecutive days. Due to an Achilles tendon injury sustained on the fourth day, I only managed to run 301 miles for the week. Nonetheless, that event raised $40,000.

"In March, 2012, Iím running the Napa Trail Marathon, and the day after that Iím competing in the Oakland Marathon. May will be a same day, double-crossing run of the Grand Canyon. June is the Finger Lakes 50K in New York. In July, as ambassador for the San Francisco Marathonís Worth-The-Hurt program, Iíll run the San Francisco Marathon twice in one day from finish to start and reverse. September I compete in the Ultra Race of Champions 100K in Charlottesville."

This story has magic shoes, too. Kevinís goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states, Washington, DC and on all 7 continents by his 50th birthday. So far, heís 22 states and three continents down with eight years to go.

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