once upon a time, someone sang about a place where dreams come true:

Born in St. Louis, Kevinís dad, Nick, raised him to be a pro athlete in baseball, and Kevin was good enough to get all of his college paid for. In junior high, however, he had a teacher who advised him to at least have a fall back plan in case a career in sports didnít work out. As Kevin recalls:

"When my radio alarm went off for my first day of high school, I heard a man on KSHE 95 in St. Louis come on the air at 6 a.m. and say, ĎI donít want to be here today folks. I really donít.í

"I stayed in bed and listened to his whole show and realized after listening to him for an hour or so, that there was no other place he would have rather been. He made broadcasting sound like it was so much fun that I told myself that day that if baseball didnít work out for me, radio was my fall back plan. The man I heard on KSHE 95 that morning, who inspired my path in radio, became for me then and to this day a close friend. His name is JC Corcoran.

"When I lost interest in baseball during my junior year of college, I turned to radio and Iíve been making a living at it for over 21 years starting in commercial radio as overnight/weekend reporter on KMOX AM in St. Louis. After 11 months, I decided music was where I wanted to be so I went over to KPNT (The Point) and got my feet wet helping with the morning show, then guested on Saturday nights until finally I got the opportunity to do the weekend overnight slot."

After that, Kevin worked his way across country at several key radio stations: Springfield, MO at Channel Z., Denver at KNRX, Nashville for Thunder 94. Columbia, MO at The Buzz, Springfield, at KXUS, Tallahassee, Florida at WXSR, over to Birmingham, AL at WROX, and finally to Houston at KKBQ.

Although his father never shared his success in radio, Kevin still considers him his first mentor. "My dad wasnít a typical mentor like the kind who shows you what to do and how to succeed," Kevin reveals. "He was just the opposite.

"His negativity for life and his firm belief that I would never amount to anything was my sole motivation to succeed in anything from the age of 13. Itís probably inaccurate to call him a mentor but he was highly influential in my development of the person I am today. As mentioned, JC Corcoran was my real true mentor.

"I have other people I admire, look up to, and try to emulate but I wouldnít call them mentors. To me, and I try to live my personal life through his traits, the greatest person to ever live was Sir Winston Churchill. His persistence, tenacity, truthfulness, his leadership, never asking anyone to do something he hadnít done personally or wouldnít ever do.

"Churchillís statesmanship, his oratorical skills and what he had to overcome to be one of the greatest speakers ever, are characteristics I try to use daily as a person, professional, marathon runner and philanthropist. Sadly, Iíll never meet Sir Winston, however, I am friends with his great grandson, Jonathan Sandys, so Iím able to hear stories whenever we talk."

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